man holding and speaking into phone at office caption 'The New Hire Ashley says she will be 20 minutes late Glad she called' (l) man holding shirt on hanger caption 'Ashley handles an angry customer like an expert Doesn't need a manager' (c) man sitting in office holding clipboard caption 'Ashley says she cannot work this Friday But gets Samantha to cover her shift' (r)


‘Tbh I feel awkward’: Manager calls new hire ‘Ashley’ into office to say she’s doing great, sparking debate

'It’s her second week, it doesn’t work like that.'


Lauren Castro


Posted on Aug 19, 2022

TikTok star Retail King has shared another divisive viral video on his hypothetical new hire “Ashley”—and why he calls employees in just to praise them. 

The video, which stands at 678,000 views, revealed ways to be a great retail employee in the eyes of the former retail manager-turned-TikTok creator.

“I’ve never seen this before,” he mentioned in the caption.

@retailkingb Ive never seen this before #NewHire #Manager #FirstWeek #clockin #latetowork #retailbelike #cashier #keepitup #retailtiktok #RespectTheCashier #AmazingAshley #retaillife #retailking #retailproblems #fypシ ♬ original sound – Juwan

The sound used in the video, created by user Juwan, ends with the lyrics “you’re my superstar” and has been used in multiple of his videos. The “superstar” qualities he mentions include informing the manager when you’ll be 20 minutes late, clocking in and going straight to your area, getting an employee to cover your shift when you’ll be absent, and handling an angry customer without manager aid.

“I tell Ashley she is doing amazing. Keep it up,” the overlay text at the end of the video said. 

Most users in the comments section share jokes or thank Retail King for being a great example for retail managers.

“Ashley gunnin’ for the manager position,” one user said.

“I like that your examples of things that a good employee does are more than just ‘shows up and does the job well,’” another user commented. “Communicating, taking initiative and doing her best are equally as important as just showing up. Wish I had retail bosses like you!” 

However, a comment receiving multiple likes showed a different perspective to praising employees for their work.

“Tbh I feel awkward if my boss just calls me to the office to tell me I’m doing great. Like, that’s it? Not even a small raise?” one user questioned. In response, Retail King said, “It’s her second week, it doesn’t work like that.”

However, in the comments section, the creator added a comment claiming that he can “definitely see a promotion in the future.”

In TikTok messages to the Daily Dot, Retail King clarified why he calls employees to his office just to tell them they are doing a great job.

“Not enough managers tell employees this. Letting a worker know they do a great job is a great way to lift them up and boost morale—new hires especially,” he said. “Nobody wants to start a job and feel undervalued and underappreciated.”

He added that, “obviously the ultimate form of appreciation is a raise or promotion. This story depicts a new hires first week [as] raises are usually given with time.”

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*First Published: Aug 19, 2022, 2:09 pm CDT