A man screams 'give me a cop' on the phone

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‘Get me a cop right now!’: Male Karen throws tantrum after allegedly getting kicked out of restaurant for grabbing waitress’ butt (updated)

'For people who don't understand why women get frightened for turning down advances.'


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Posted on Oct 12, 2021   Updated on Oct 13, 2021, 9:54 am CDT

A video shows a white man screaming at the top of his lungs and calling the police after he was allegedly thrown out of a restaurant for sexually assaulting a waitress. 

The video was originally posted by TikToker @rolledguyshaw, and it appears to have been since deleted. It was, however, reshared on Reddit and by popular TikToker @auntkaren0, garnering a collective 116,000 views. 

In the video, the man in a white shirt screams “fuck you!” repeatedly. His fists are clenched as he stomps his leg on the ground. Some around him attempt to calm him down. He is holding his phone up.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” he screams repeatedly, swinging his head toward his knee and slapping his knee in frustration. 

“Fuck you! I need cops here right now!” he screams into the phone. “Get me fucking cops… Please, right now!”

Others try to calm him, but he doesn’t listen.

“I’m so done, just give me a cop! Please, give me a cop,” he continues screaming. 

He takes occasional breaks from the call to scream at those around him. 

“Where’s my card?” he says at one point. “Gimme my card!”

“You grab it, I’m not touching it!” one person says. 

“Fuck you!” he screams in another direction.  

“Grab your card,” someone says.  

“What man? You’re a fucking weirdo!” he screams at another person. 

The person behind the camera says, “You’re the one who grabbed a chick’s ass, not him!” 

“Whose fucking ass did I grab?” he screams.

“The server’s,” one person responds.  

“Bring her out man!” he demands. 

The video ends shortly thereafter. 

TikToker @rolledguyshaw did not respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment. He did respond to comments on @auntkaren0’s video, alleging the man was eventually arrested for public intoxication.

By Monday evening, @rolledguyshaw’s bio read: “deleted the video.”

Many viewers commented on how the man’s reaction is representative of what many women have to deal with.

“For people who don’t understand why women get frightened for turning down advances, just imagine trying to say no to a guy like this… alone,” one user commented.

“The part where he says ‘bring her out here’ about the waitress he assaulted is deeply troubling,” another wrote. “What would he have said/done to her.”

“The entitlement and literal unhinged behavior when facing consequences is disturbingly normal for men when it comes to how [they] treat women in public,” a third wrote.

Some alleged race and sex played a factor in why the man was able to act in such a manner in a public space.

“Us acting like this guy isn’t at least 50% of white dude,” one user wrote. “He’s not drunk, on drugs are crazy. This is him 24/7, he’s just not usually told no.”

“That complexion protection also comes with strong entitlement,” another said.

Update 2:31pm CT Oct. 12: When reached for comment, TikToker @rolledguyshaw told the Daily Dot that the incident took place at a bar in Dana Point, California.

He said the man was “acting normal all night” and once he got drunk, he sexually assaulted the waitress.

“He said ‘you’re really hot’ and grabbed her ass and the waitress removed his hand and came and got me and [two] other bouncers,” he said.

“We asked him to leave and he refused…so we had to grab him and remove him from the bar then said we assaulted him,” he added.

He said the man then proceeded to call the cops.

The TikToker said that once the cops arrived, they gave him a chance to call an Uber because the waitress did not want to press charges. “Then he began to do the same thing to the cops so they arrested him for drunk and disorderly,” the TikToker added.

The TikToker also told the Daily Dot he deleted the video because “everybody makes drastic mistakes.”

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*First Published: Oct 12, 2021, 7:36 am CDT