house walls floor and outlet caption 'When house touring goes wrong...' (l) woman revealing damage from lightning striking outside of house caption 'Lightning literally struck the house... sign from God?' (c) house walls floor and outlet when lightning strikes caption 'When house touring goes wrong...' (r)


‘When I ask God for a sign this is exactly what I mean’: Lightning strikes house as TikToker is touring it

‘I’m an atheist but I would definitely take that as a sign.’


Lauren Castro


In a viral video, TikToker Chriss (@biggdaddichriss) was touring a house in Georgia when lightning struck the home.  “I really liked the house too… but clearly it wasn’t meant to be,” she captioned the video.

The video was posted on July 14 and now has over 4.4 million views.

@biggdaddichriss I really liked the house too… but clearly it wasn’t meant to be. 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️ #o#omg #wtf #house ♬ original sound – Chriss

“The crazy thing is I text[ed] my bf saying that I ‘didn’t feel comfortable’ there & started to record the video & then that happened. Definitely a NO,” she said in the comments. 

Approximately halfway through the video of Chriss recording the self-tour, a sound similar a gunshot could be heard. The lights in the kitchen went out, and the floor to the carport entrance that Chriss had just come through was cracked.

“Lightning literally struck the house…sign from God?” the overlay text said. 

In the comments section, some users agree with Chriss that this is a sign to run while others doubt the authenticity of the video.

“When I ask God for a sign this is exactly what I mean,” one user commented.

“I’m an atheist but I would definitely take that as a sign,” another user said.

“Idk why but I’m feel a strong [lying] vibe,” a third user commented.

In a follow-up video, Chriss addresses the many comments from her original video that suggests she is lying about the event.

She explained that it was pouring rain when she toured the house so that’s why she parked in the carport and was recording the video to show her boyfriend the house.

@biggdaddichriss Reaction to lightning video! #o #ohno #horror #houseoftiktok ♬ original sound – Chriss

“It wasn’t firecrackers and it wasn’t a gunshot. It was definitely lightning,” she clarified. 

The users in the comments section clapped back at those who believe this is faked.

“Of all the things one could fake for clout, it would not be damaging their own car and a property they’re looking at. People are nuts,” one user commented.

Chriss also posted a video addressing the lightning strike that was recorded for her insurance company as her car was hit with debris captioned, “Guess I need more proof lol.”

@biggdaddichriss Guess I need more proof lol #o #ohno #houseoftiktok #ohnono ♬ original sound – Chriss

The Daily Dot reached out to Chriss via TikTok comment and Instagram message.

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