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TikTok lesbians will make earrings out of literally anything

From glue sticks to tiny doll chairs, anything can be earlobe decor.

Sep 23, 2020, 6:01 pm*

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Cecilia Lenzen

The queer women of TikTok are obsessed with earrings.

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These aren’t typical hoops, studs, and other delicate, dangly pieces you might be used to seeing. Lately, queer women are using the hashtag #lesbianearrings on TikTok to showcase their unconventional ear jewelry. The hashtag has about 64 million views.

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From yellow rubber duckies to miniature Rubik’s Cubes to travel-sized bottles of mouthwash, nothing is off the table—or off these folks’ ears. Queer people often showcase their earlobe ornaments to upbeat tunes like the Super Mario Bros. theme song. 

In their videos, TikTok users claim you can tell whether a woman is queer simply by the earrings she’s wearing. Some users playfully mock straight women for their traditional, boring taste in earrings. 


TikTok user @jortsport says in one of their videos, “Yeah, sex is cool and all, but have you tried making earrings out of every little thing in your house?” They have. 

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Whether it’s glue sticks, miniature baby figurines, or tiny doll chairs, why not repurpose them into earrings? No reason not to, according to these users.


User @jaydacgomez recorded a “haul” of the cute items she bought at the dollar store to transform into earrings. That haul included mismatched Care Bear figurines, plastic miniature frogs and lizards, and disposable forks. 

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im the epitome of “u could make this into an earring & a lesbian would buy it #foryou #fyp #lesbian #gay #wlw #earrings #musicmatters #itsaremix

♬ K.K Bubblegum Isabelle Edition by DereBere – DereBere

The trend extends past TikTok. The search term “lesbian earrings” pulls up over 300,000 results on Etsy. So even if you don’t have the craftiness or know-how to make “lesbian earrings” yourself, you can still enjoy the queer creativity. 

And if you’re looking to get into the earring business, it doesn’t seem too hard. TikTok user @thewanderingmainer says in a videos that you can put literally anything on earrings and “some lesbian will buy them.” 

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*First Published: Sep 21, 2020, 1:36 pm