Here’s how cat lovers can score their first KitNipBox for 50% off

The only cat subscription box that matters.


Marisa Losciale


We love our cats and we’d do anything for them, but schlepping all the way to the pet store to replace a treat or food they suddenly decided to stop liking is not high on my list of things I enjoy. That’s where KitNipBox comes in.

What is KitNipBox and how does it work?

KitNipBox is the cat subscription box that brings everything your cats love directly to your door. It takes the hassle out of buying treats, toys, and other beloved pet accessories, freeing up time for you and your feisty lil’ friend. Better yet, a portion of the profits from the pet subscription box supports animal welfare organizations nationwide. This means each month, the company donates a portion of our proceeds and/or products to shelters, rescues, TNR efforts, and a variety of other feline welfare causes.

Here’s how it works: every month (or until you cancel), KitNipBox will send you a box filled with all different types of themed goodies. The contents of each package are determined by the type of box you subscribe to, but they’ll all somehow conform to the overall theme of the box (it’s pretty spectacular, actually). In the past, KitNipBox has truly delivered on space-issued, deli-inspired, and Rock-N-Roll-themed boxes.

Are there different monthly subscription boxes to choose from?

Yep! Currently, KitNipBox offers customers four different monthly cat subscription boxes:

The Happy Cat Box and Happy Cat Dietary box are designed for the single-and-ready-to-mingle kitty, who happily lives alone. The only difference between these two boxes is what’s in them, which I’m sure that comes as no shock. The Happy Cat Box will include a mix of five toys, treats, and other fun accessories for your cat to enjoy, while the Happy Cat Dietary box discards the treats or food in favor of non-edible goodies. The Multi-Cat boxes come with two extra goodies intended to be shared between multiple cats.

Love the idea of a cat subscription box, but at what cost?

Even with all these cat products coming to your door, you won’t have to re-budget or sacrifice any of the little treats you get for yourself because KitNipBox will only run you $20 to $30 per month depending on the size you choose.

However, it must be your lucky day because today only Amazon is offering shoppers 50% off their first KitNipBox. With the first box’s rate down to $10+, everything inside works out to about $2. Now even I’m purring!


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