man speaking caption 'sadly true' (l) man greenscreen TikTok over customer review caption 'No one can pay us enough to do what we do' 'I have never been treated with such disreapect as I was today. the boy serving us had back talk on everything we asked him for. I asked for a table he told me they were...' (c) man speaking caption 'sadly true' (r)

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‘The woman I just served at the end of my 10-hour shift just sucked the living life out of me’: Restaurant Karen calls server ‘rude’ for telling her closing time

‘She felt rushed when she came in right before closing?’


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A server says that a woman arrived at the restaurant right before closing and called him “rude” for bringing her the check while she was still eating.

In the video posted by TikToker Dean Redmond (@deanredmonds) on August 3, he says that the women “came in at 3:47,” just shy of the restaurant’s 4:00 closing time.

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“I said, ‘Hi ladies, did you want to get something to go? Just letting you know the kitchen closes at 4:00,’” Redmond says in the clip. “They said, ‘No, we want to sit down, and we’ve had people serve us later than this, and they close at four.’”

Redmond says he seated the group and let them know that they had to “get the order in before 4:00.”

“She stops me and is like, ‘I understand what that means,’” Redmond continues. “I go and bring them water, and she’s like, ‘I don’t want water.’”

He continues that the woman asked him for “burning hot coffee,” and he took the water away. After being dissatisfied with the temperature of the first coffee, Redmond says he brought the woman another coffee and asked the party again if they would like to place their order.

“It’s now 3:56, and if I don’t get their order in before 4:00, the kitchen will leave. So I go to them, and I go, ‘I just got to get your order in the next couple minutes because the kitchen is going to close at 4:00,’” Redmond says. “She goes, ‘Again, that is rude. Don’t tell a customer that.’”

Redmond explains that he finally got the order in before the kitchen closed, but when he gave the woman her order, she said the “pastrami was disgusting.”

“I got back to the kitchen, and they are literally mopping. So they make her another one,” Redmond says. “At 4:26, the kitchen is gone, and it’s literally just me in the restaurant. I’m like, ‘Guys, here’s your check. I’m sorry if there was any misunderstanding.’”

He then says that the customer asked him why he brought her the check, saying, “Why are you giving us the check if we’re sitting here enjoying our conversation?” According to Redmond, she then asked to speak to the owner and told him she would “be writing a review.”

The video has reached over 7.6 million views as of Thursday. In a part two video, Redmond shares the scathing Yelp review that “Pattie L.” left about the situation.

In the review, Pattie writes that Redmond was “every time talking back explaining why instead of just giving the customer what they wanted.”

“The customer is ALWAYS right,” the review read. “I was never treated with such disrespect as I was today.”

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In the comments, users blasted Pattie for her review, calling her a “Karen.”

“Millennials and gen z are slowly switching that narrative of the customer is always right and these boomers just getting more and more mad about it,” one user wrote.

“Why do we give customers full control of everything… they should be wrong when they are wrong and kicked out or a closed restaurant,” another said.

“She felt rushed when she came in right before closing? How dare you try to leave on time!” a third added.

The Daily Dot reached out to Dean via TikTok direct message.

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