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Karen calls worker ‘worthless,’ is shocked when they refuse her service

'All because we didn't have availability at the time she wanted.'


Moises Mendez II


Published Oct 15, 2021   Updated Oct 15, 2021, 2:36 pm CDT

A viral TikTok video shows a phone call between a disgruntled Karen and a Fitness Space employee.

The worker, Halie, told the Daily Dot that the woman called her “worthless” after the woman had a hard time “booking a 45-minute service in a 15-minute window on a mobile booking app.”

Halie said that as soon as she tried to explain the problem, “She cut me off and accused me of lying to her because she saw an open time online.” She told the Daily Dot the woman said: “You girls up there just suck you always mess up my appointment time so I’m just going to show up.”

After this, Halie said she told the woman she could show up but that they wouldn’t be able to help her at the time she wanted. She said this is when the woman called her “worthless.”

The woman still showed up, however. Halie said she refused the woman service because of the way the woman spoke to her. The woman called Halie’s workplace after she was asked to leave, and Halie recorded and posted a snippet of the call on TikTok.

The video now has over 321,000 views on the platform. The text overlay on the video reads: “Karen gets upset that we refused service after she called me worthless.”

“All because we didn’t have availability at the time she wanted,” the caption notes.

The video starts out with Halie telling the woman that a manager would reach back out to her within “24-48 hours,” which the woman is not happy with. “That’s not acceptable,” the woman says. She says she owns a business and that it would be unacceptable if she didn’t have a supervisor to speak with unhappy customers.

Halie tries to calm the woman down and apologizes, trying to reiterate the timeline before she is once again cut off by the woman. “Your supervisor, or manager, or whoever owns that particular studio, is that disappointed in the fact that I said that you were worthless and I was upset with your behavior to me…” the woman says in disbelief.

Once again, Halie repeats that her manager will be in contact with the woman as the video comes to an end.

Viewers immediately came to the defense of Halie and were shocked that the woman felt entitled to service even after insulting a worker. “Wait so… she called her worthless and then expects her to go out of her way to provide excellent service?” one commenter said.

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*First Published: Oct 15, 2021, 2:31 pm CDT