Karen calls Black man pimp


Karen calls Black man ‘pimp,’ blocks his car in viral TikTok

'This is my hood!' she tells him.


Nahila Bonfiglio


Posted on Oct 13, 2021   Updated on Oct 13, 2021, 9:33 am CDT

Yet another woman has joined the rapidly growing pool of “Karens” following a confrontation with a Black man in her neighborhood.

Video of their encounter cropped up on TikToker @moemoe_90‘s account earlier in the week, where it rapidly went viral. In the 48 hours it’s been up, the clip has earned more than 4.3 million views and 560,000 likes. A part two to the encounter also shot to the top of @moemoe_90’s page, gaining 190,000 views despite its lack of audio.

The first part of the viral incident is filmed from the driver’s seat of a vehicle. The TikTok account owner, Monique Upchurch, shared the brief, one-minute clip after seeing it on a friend’s Facebook page, according to the video’s caption. As the sleek grey and black car goes to pass a house, an older woman carrying a door seems to become inexplicably enraged. Channeling Karen energy, the woman can be seen pointing at the driver as she shouts “get this pimp,” before ditching her door on the sidewalk and approaching the vehicle.

It appears that the driver and the woman have some sort of history, based on her immediate reaction to the sight of him. She approaches the driver’s side of the car, shouting at him to “get out of here.” Her demands are littered with insults. Referring to the area as “my street,” the woman calls the driver a “shit son of a bitch,” and threatens to call the police on him before calling him a “pimp” yet again.

After a quick cut in the clip, the woman can be seen hoisting her door and carrying it over to the street, where she places it in front of the man’s car. After telling her not to place the door near his car, the man threatens to kick the older woman’s “ass,” before calling her a “bitch” and beginning to exit the vehicle.

The woman stands defensively behind her door, repeating her accusation that the man is a “pimp.” Still trapped behind the door, the man threatens to “pimp you,” which seems to anger the woman even more. She responds with another furious demand that the man “get out of here,” despite the fact that he is trapped in place by her door and body, both of which block his vehicle from moving.


As the video comes to a close, the woman polishes her rant off by calling the man a “son of a bitch” and informing him that “this is my hood.” The part two video seems to show the interaction that followed, but it lacks any audio. It appears to have been filmed from several houses down. It shows the man, who has exited his car, walking over and stomping repeatedly on the woman’s door. He then returns to his car, followed by the woman, and begins to drive away. After a brief cut in the video, his car can be seen returning to the area, where the woman still stands outside.


Commenters quickly dubbed the woman a Karen and wasted no time in dragging her for her behavior and language. Casual racism quickly became the norm among viewers, as numerous people assumed the woman was Korean, and flooded the comments section with Squid Game jokes.

Past the racist comments, several people criticized the vehicle owner—who goes by Scatpack Juv on Facebook—for his treatment of an old woman. Regardless of her behavior, numerous people felt the man escalated things, particularly in the second clip. They accused him of “messing with her” to get a reaction, and wondered why he is “giving that old lady a hard time.”

This opinion was even more dominant among viewers of the second clip, many of whom accused the man of purposefully “antagonizing” the woman. Far fewer sympathetic comments were to be found on the second video, though casual racism again overtook a large portion of the comments section.

The Daily Dot reached out to Scatpack Juv via Facebook.

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*First Published: Oct 13, 2021, 8:37 am CDT