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Video shows ‘Karen’ calling barista N-word in front of mixed-race children

She has a well-documented history of racist, anti-mask harassment.

Mar 24, 2021, 10:45 am*



Samira Sadeque

A “Karen” who was filmed calling a Black barista the N-word has repeatedly documented herself throwing racist tantrums and harassing her children’s teachers, transit workers, and store workers throughout the pandemic. 

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Stephanie Denaro was identified yesterday in a viral video where she repeatedly uses the N-word while arguing with a Black bakery employee over what appears to be a mask disagreement, while her mixed-race kids watch in silence.  

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Denaro’s Instagram shows that over the past year, she has repeatedly harassed her children’s teachers, transit workers, and store workers over mask disputes, then proudly posted videos and screenshots of the altercations. 

In yesterday’s video, which has been shared in two parts across TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit, Denaro is seen standing by the counter at Davidovich Bakery in New York. She is surrounded by her four mixed-race children, one of whom is in a stroller. 

It starts with Denaro saying, “I can’t wear a mask, sir.” 

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When the employee asks why not, another person not in the frame is heard saying, “She says she got a medical condition, you don’t have to serve her if you don’t want to.”

A person wearing a security shirt briefly appears in the video, but it’s not clear if they’re the one speaking. 

“If you want to serve her, serve her. If not, let her go,” says the other person, before politely asking the woman to leave.  

Denaro then says, “Why? Because he’s bitch-ass n****r, is that why?”

The people around her gasp audibly, while her kids look on, unfazed. 

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“Oh, that’s what he is,” Denaro says.

In a second video, shared in the same thread, Denaro proclaims, “I can do whatever I want. This is America.” 

“Who the fuck does that?” asks a bystander. 

“People whose rights are being violated,” Denaro responds. 

“Yes, rights are being violated. Shut up with the rights, girl,” the bystander responds. “You’re calling somebody a n****r.”

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“I can call them whatever I want,” Denaro says. 

She then turns around and starts to walk away. The bystander asks, “You fucked a n****r, right? You fucking nasty ass.” 

“Oh, I’m nasty because I fucked a Black man?” Denaro asks, before walking away with her children in tow. 

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Denaro’s children do not react throughout the ordeal, and a glimpse at her Instagram can explain why. This type of public freakout is nothing new for Denaro, and she doesn’t hesitate to involve her kids in these altercations. 

According to screenshots of email exchanges she shared, she once deliberately sent her kids to school without signing a consent form for random COVID-19 tests, defying repeated requests from the school. 

The principal said in the email that the school had to keep the two kids in a separate room and requested Denaro to pick them up as soon as possible, but Denaro refused to do so until 2pm that day. 

Denaro also frequently uploads MAGA-related content, and in one school email accused the teachers of being “insane individuals who will do anything to keep President Trump from being reelected fairly.”  

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In one video, she is seen yelling at a transit driver and claiming that he was enforcing the mask mandate “to feel like a man.”

Other videos of Denaro have since made it to the top of Reddit’s r/PublicFreakout. The most popular video at the time of this writing shows Denaro wearing a MAGA hat, arguing with a bystander about the coronavirus, and asking racist questions about her sex life.

“What coronavirus? How many people died of the flu?” Denaro asks the woman filming her. She then asks, “Are you antifa?” which she describes as “the opposite of MAGA.” When the woman filming says she is “not MAGA,” Denaro asks her, “How many Black guys have you fucked?”

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Another Reddit video ostensibly features Denaro harassing a Whole Foods employee about wearing a face mask, telling a “Chinese Communist party member” to “go the fuck back to China,” and referring to herself as a white supremacist. Denaro is apparently filming the interaction, and she is not seen in the video.

Oh, and if that weren’t enough, Denaro is also an author. She’s got two books for sale on Amazon. The latest, 2016’s American’t Romance, has the following summary: “Raw, trashy, and heartbreakingly original, poet Stephanie Denaro lives on the urban fringes of America. Through a lyrical beat she vividly draws a portrait in asphalt and anger — the sad truths of sex, drugs, and terrorism in a country that doesn’t care about you, them or a little white girl in the ‘hood.”

Unsurprisingly, users have review-bombed both of Denaro’s books. “If I could give this book a -5 stars I would,” one user wrote yesterday under American’t Romance. “Only giving it 1 star because they don’t have a thumbs down or 0 star selection. Don’t waste your time reading this book.”

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By Tuesday evening, Denaro’s Instagram was flooded with comments from people who learned about her through her racist bakery meltdown. 

Many were concerned for the wellbeing of her children. In an interview with the New York Daily News, Denaro acknowledged that all her kids have a Black father and defended her use of the N-word.

“All of my children have a Black father. That’s a term [“bitch-ass n****r”] I’ve heard them use all my life,” she told the publication. The Daily Dot has reached out to Denaro for comment.

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Beyond her MAGA hat photos, Denaro uploaded another photo of particular concern, in which she claims, “THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN.”

“I hope your children are taken away from you again. What a nightmare for them to have such a hateful entitled mother. You are a terrible role model,” one user wrote in a comment. 

“It actually makes me SICK how traumatized these children are going to be when they grow up. Shit, I can’t even imagine the trauma they’re going through on a daily basis,” another person wrote.

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Davidovich Bakery issued a statement last night commending the employee for maintaining his composure and said customers such as Denaro are “simply not welcome in our stores.”

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*First Published: Mar 24, 2021, 8:42 am