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‘I know you hate it, but, baby, you don’t want to be here’: Job hunter issues PSA to people with jobs

'I’m on Indeed non-stop.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Feb 2, 2023

A job hunter on TikTok issued a now-viral warning to employed people who want to quit their jobs because they don’t like them. 

If you’re thinking about quitting, says TikTok user Dr. Scarlett Smash (@drscarlettsmash), don’t.

“100% please do not quit your job,” Scarlett says in the video, which currently has over 203,000 views. “I am not joking when I’m trying to say I’m doing everything I possibly can. I’m on Indeed non-stop, and it’s just dry. There aren’t any jobs that are being posted. Not a single posting in my field was posted today.”

“I am serious when I’m trying to say the job market is so bad, and there’s so many people out here right now that are jobless,” she adds. “Stay where you’re at. I know you hate it, but, baby, you don’t want to be here.”

@drscarlettsmash #stitch with @aprilshrinks2 please take her #advice. There are so many of us suffering without jobs. #jobsearching #jobhunting #jobtips #fyp #foryou #jobsearchtips ♬ original sound – Dr Scarlett Smash

Scarlett’s video comes after a wave of viral clips showing users applying to numerous jobs and receiving few if any callbacks. Some users claimed to have sent 76, 80, 250, and 300 jobs, only to get a lackluster response—or, even worse, no response at all.

That said, the true state of employment in America is a bit complicated. The official unemployment is relatively low, and some sectors, such as hospitality, retail, and construction, have seen increases in available positions.

However, the labor participation rate, or the “percentage of the civilian noninstitutional population actively working or looking for work,” per Forbes, is low, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) citing a desire for higher wages, slow population growth, and an aging population as a few potential reasons for the slow recovery.

Additionally, the lowered rate of unemployment was not seen across all demographics. While unemployment has been going down in general, it has actually worsened for Latinos and Black women, per CNN.

Back on TikTok, some users agreed with Scarlett’s claim.

“I have applied to hundreds of jobs and I can’t even get confirmation of receipt of my application or résumé,” a user shared.

“*laughs in I quit my job 6 months ago and haven’t found anything yet and unemployment is a joke*,” another added.

“I agree. I was laid off in Nov. just got an offer thank god,” a third detailed.

Other users disagreed, saying that there were plenty of openings in their field. Some speculated Scarlett might be in the wrong location for the jobs she’s seeking.

“I am in…healthcare and they are calling me every single day. I’m not joking,” a user alleged.

“Switch fields to an entry level or mid level position that utilizes your skillset,” another suggested.

“What field are you in? What location? Because where I’m at, we can’t find enough people to work!!” an additional TikToker exclaimed.

The Daily Dot reached out to Scarlett Smash via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Feb 2, 2023, 8:08 am CST