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‘I’m not doing 106 items for $7’: Instacart shopper shares PSA to other shoppers when it comes to large tipless orders

'I can’t imagine asking someone to go in a store and grocery shop for me and not tip.'


Phil West


Posted on Mar 11, 2023

A TikToker who does Instacart delivery recorded a “call to arms” for all Instacart shoppers — imploring them to ignore large tipless orders.

The video was put on the platform on Feb. 3 by creator James, one half of the JamesandLeondra TikTok couple, based in Connecticut and promising “health, wealth, love and happiness” on their channel.

The video starts with James in his car sharing a hefty Instacart order with no tip provided.

“Look at this shit,” James starts. “They want 43 items. No tip. Good luck with that.”

@jamesandleondra This is a reoccurring issue that needs to be addressed. #instacartshopper #instacart #notipnoservice #dobetter #work#fyp #viral #struggleisreal ♬ Powerful cinematic orchestra [war] – Sino

Then, he declares, “This is a call to arms to all Instacart shoppers. If you’re an Instacart shopper, I’m calling on you to join all the other Instacart shoppers.”

He went on to explain the situation, saying, “I’ve been seeing batch after batch with no tip. If somebody orders one thing and they don’t want to tip, I get it, I’m going to take the order. But when somebody orders 43 items with no tip … It’s six degrees outside, it’s a 10-mile roundtrip.”

“They want us to go the store in six-degree weather, pick up 43 items, bring it to their house, drop it off at the door, possibly ring the doorbell, wait for them to answer the door in six-degree weather,” James continues.

He then concludes that rundown, with exasperation, saying, “They don’t want to tip.”

James then instructs his fellow Instacart shoppers, stating, “You see that with no tip, don’t take it. Do not take it. Let it sit there and sit there and sit there until they have to go the store their damn self … and don’t take orders with no tip. Don’t.”

Commenters came in to show James there was already some solidarity building.

“I logged on today and it was batch after batch of multiple shops with next to no tip,” one asserted, “I logged off for the day. I know my worth.”

That got an approving, “Amen, sister” from James.

“I’ve been getting the wooooorst orders!!!!” another complained.

James responded, “I feel you! We notice instacart has been putting a lot more batches together, creating more 2 and 3 shop-and-delivers and seemingly paying less!!”

Another promised, “I never take an order without a tip! I’m not doing 106 items for $7.”

Even those unfamiliar with Instacart were perplexed by James’ scenario.

“I’ve never used Instacart but I can’t imagine asking someone to go in a store and grocery shop for me and not tip. That’s insane.”

“I wish there was an option where you can say you’re choosing to tip in cash,” one weighed in. “I want my driver to have 100% of the tip they deserve.”

While that sounds nice, one shopper pointed out, “But we wouldn’t see that before accepting the order.”

One noted, “I will not pre tip, I will tip after, and I tip very well.”

But, as someone responded, “I saw an order sit for over an hour this morning because there was no tip. We can’t chance that they’re tipping later because most don’t,” then marveling that the order was “96 items!!”

Finally, one commenter summed up James’ message in a pithy saying, sharing, “My motto is ‘no tip, no trip.'”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and Instacart via email.

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*First Published: Mar 11, 2023, 8:45 am CST