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‘My $20 order dropped down to f*cking $7’: Instacart shopper says customer took her entire tip away after she completed 60-item order

'I blocked that customer from ever ordering from me again.'


Phil West


Posted on Feb 17, 2023

A TikToker who made her first Instacart delivery claimed the customer took away her entire tip after not being to navigate the customer’s labyrinthine apartment complex.

The TikTok comes courtesy of creator Kiara Little, aka @healingj0urney, who posted the video to the platform on Sunday, generating more than 38,000 views as of Friday. In it, Little goes on a three-minute screaming rant from her car about the unpleasantness of the Instacart experience.

“I just delivered my first Instacart order and I’m so annoyed,” she begins. “It was $20, it was 60 items. Usually, it’s not worth it. It was only a mile drive, but I delivered to an apartment complex. I understand that those are gonna be frustrating, but this was ridiculous.”

She proceeds to narrate how she entered the apartment complex and was unable to find the apartment where she was supposed to deliver the groceries.


People who take their whole tip away after someone shops for them are the most disrespectful people in the world to me 🙃

♬ original sound – Kiara Little

“I started driving around trying to find this fucking building,” she exclaims. “I couldn’t find it. I drove around this apartment complex for 10 minutes before I called this customer. They didn’t answer. Texted the customer. They didn’t answer.”

She continues, “I texted them again and I said, ‘I’m sorry, but I cannot find your apartment complex. If you do not text me back in the next five minutes to tell me how to get to your apartment. I will have to leave your groceries at the front office. There’s nothing I can do about it. I cannot find you.'”

Yet, alas, “She didn’t reply.”

Finally, Little happened upon a last small row of buildings she hadn’t seen prior while circling and found the place she was looking for.

“I texted her and I said it would be a lot easier if you gave your drivers some directions to your building because this was a little ridiculous,” the TikToker says.

However, the customer apparently ruled that as overstepping.

“Guess what she did?” the TikToker screams. “She took her entire tip away … My $20 dropped down to fucking seven. Are you kidding me? Because you didn’t want to put directions to your building.”

After collecting herself, the TikToker tells her audience, “I’m sorry I had to get that out. I doubt you guys even heard anything I was saying because I was screaming and I don’t know what my audio does when I scream.”

She then reassures the audience that she blocked the customer and felt better knowing she’d never have to deal with that person again.

This would have been a prime video for commenters to come in and console the TikToker while sharing their own Instacart delivery horror stories—but alas, the creator turned off the comments, making the video a literal scream into the void.

Perhaps the customer should have read up on the Instacart guidelines for tipping, which read, “Tips are optional but a great way to show your shoppers appreciation and recognition for their excellent service. 100% of your tip goes directly to the shopper(s) shopping and delivering your order. For orders where 2 shoppers fulfill your order, the tip is split evenly between them.”

The site notes, “The default tip is 5% or the percentage you chose for your most recent order, whichever is higher. There is a minimum suggested tip of $2 per individual store delivery.”

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*First Published: Feb 17, 2023, 2:22 pm CST