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‘This is unnecessary at any time of the day’: TikTok shows influencer covering ‘Respect’ at 7am, waking neighbors

‘Some people have no R-E-S-P-E-C-T.’


Siobhan Ball


One influencer displayed an astounding lack of self-awareness when she decided to film a loud cover of Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” outside of a residential complex supposedly at 7am.

Apparently caught on camera by one of the residents, the footage was submitted to @influencersinthewild, a TikTok account with a matching Instagram that bears witness to all the things influencers do in public in search of clout. The video has amassed 2.9 million views since it was uploaded on May 27.

I used to live in a building in North Hollywood that was positively infested with Vine/Youtube influencers like this
Troy de Volld/TikTok
I would make a point to go ruin her video. This couldn't be done at 10 am or idk, the weekend?
Troy de Volld/TikTok
That's the loudest Arizona green tea can I have ever heard
Troy de Volld/TikTok

Captioning the footage with “the absolute irony of her screaming about R-E-S-P-E-C-T at 7 am,” the video quickly took off on TikTok, resonating with everyone who’s ever been inconvenienced by an influencer or neighbors with no concept of when other people are likely to be sleeping.

Some people have no R-E-S-P-E-C-T
lol this is unnecessary at any time of the day goodbye
That's when you scream out and ruin her video. We like our sleep sis.

People also had some unkind things to say about the performance itself.

Think she switched keys about 6 times on accident to. She should put some RESPECT on the song and never touch it again
bb girl was just given the gift of goals by god and she doesn't know what to do with that info. Screaming in the neighbourhood is her only option
It's the arm movements for me

The singer has yet to be identified, but we’ll keep you updated if and when she uploads the video that was filmed here.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated for context and clarity.

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