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A participant on Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking’ was portrayed as a ghoster. He says he was the one who got ghosted

Vinay Chadha says he was the one ‘left heartbroken and ghosted.’


Samira Sadeque


A participant on Indian Matchmaking is claiming he was falsely portrayed. He says he was the one “left heartbroken and ghosted,” despite what the Netflix hit showed. 

Vinay Chadha appeared in the first few episodes of the matchmaking show and was initially matched with wedding planner and dancer Nadia Jagessar. While Chadha said he enjoyed being a part of the experience, there were discrepancies in the way his actions were portrayed. 

In the show, Chadha and Jagessar hit it off, bonding over what they feel they are ostracized for: hating ketchup. They subsequently go on multiple dates.

Then, Chadha ghosted Jagessar on two occasions. The first time, Jagessar and Chadha scheduled a movie date. Jagessar was stood up with no notice from Chadha, according to what the show aired.

Chadha messaged Jagessar the next day to apologize, saying he suffered from a heat stroke and had to get an IV inserted. He followed up by sending her cookies and flowers, which Jagessar seemed pleased about.

Jagessar then planned to introduce Chadha to her friends at a bar. Chadha canceled last minute, saying he was having an argument with his sister and could no longer make it.

Chadha doesn’t appear in the show after that, and Jagessar is seen moving on in her matchmaking experience, eventually “matching” with another participant. 

Chadha is now claiming the events were not shown in chronological order and that he wasn’t the one who ghosted. 

“Did I make mistakes? Of course,” he wrote in an Instagram post on Friday. “Did I own and try to fix it and learn? Of course.”

He wrote in the description of the post that he “battled back and forth about showing my truth” but ultimately decided to.

Chadha said the two were supposed to “hang out” one evening after a wedding, but he had to cancel because of a “family issue.” 

“[I] intended to still come, hence I texted on my way,” he wrote in the post, referring to the bar incident. “I was def [sic] unclear and vague and not responsive and I own that. I should never have made her wait or been stupid enough to not share the real reason.”

Chadha said that over the course of the week, he explained to Jagessar what had happened, but she was still upset.

“As such, I wanted to meet the friends that I would have met after the wedding (not what you saw on Netflix) and met one and explained it,” he said. “I also sent her flowers and her favorite candies and cookies to show I’m all in.”

In the Netflix show, Chadha is seen sending Jagessar flowers and cookies after his “first” hiccup, the movie night, not a post-wedding bar hangout.  

“The next few weeks were rough for me emotionally,” he added. “As much as I wanted to move past this i was called shady and i told her i couldn’t be more clear now and am owning this.”  

Chadha said the movie night took place after the bar incident, not before, as the show portrays. Chadha further alleged he didn’t ditch her on the movie night.

He said that on the day they scheduled the movie date, he texted her saying he was feeling unwell and wasn’t going to make it. 

“I thought this is honest upfront no bs,” he said. “She didn’t react well when later in day the I got an IV and wanted to meet up.”  

“She replied saying I handled this wrong too and never once asked if I was ok. I have receipts to prove it,” he continued.

Following that incident, he said she’s the one who ghosted him. He also alleged that he wanted to meet her friends after the bar incident but implied that she ghosted him, and he never got the chance.

“My feelings were real and I never flake without good reason and if I do. I own it!” he wrote. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Vinay Chadha and Indian Matchmaking producer Smriti Mundhra.


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