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‘You need to learn how the system works on the inside’: Former HR employee shares the one question you should ask recruiters

‘HR is where all the drama is.’


Lauren Castro


In a viral video, TikToker Miles (@milesmadeit) shared one question you should ask at the end of an interview to ensure you aren’t getting messed around. 

“Y’all aint built like me so I’m gonna tell you how to avoid all of the bullshit,” he said.

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Miles says he took an HR job so he could learn more about what happens behind the scenes when hiring. He mentioned that during a conversation with a resume client, they revealed that they went through 13 rounds of interviews to not land the job.

To Miles, this is enough to have him “outside marching around the building like Jericho.” 

“Now listen, some other day I’m going to give a TED talk about why everyone should work in HR for at least like 6 to 12 months,” he said, “You need to learn how the system works on the inside cuz a motherfucker like me, I only took an HR job because I wanted to learn exactly how it works so I can pass it on to the people.” 

At the end of the interview, once you’ve asked all your other important questions, Miles recommended asking about their hiring timeline.

“You need to say, ‘With respect to your time-to-hire metrics and my competing opportunities, could you be so kind as to share the hiring timeline for the role?’” he said. “Organizations will tell you the truth.”

Depending on their answer, Miles said that should give you enough to know how the company works. If they say they are just “waiting for the right person,” they really mean “we might hire today or next year or NEVER.”

In the comments section, users share their experiences working in HR or dealing with HR.

“Lol hr is where all the drama is them confidential conversations spread the most,” one user said.


“I agree!!!!! The write ups I saw in ppls file! And to basically not to trust anyoneeee,” a third user said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Miles via TikTok comment.

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