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‘They’re fighting because they have nothing to lose’: TikToker says everything has been taken away from Gen Z, sparking debate about societal issues

'Most of us have lost all will to live.'


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Posted on Jul 4, 2022   Updated on Jul 4, 2022, 11:31 am CDT

TikToker Sara-Kathleen (@sara_kathleen__) recently went viral after posting a clip about the socio-cultural differences and outlook on life that Gen Z possesses which differentiates them from previous generations.

“I keep seeing that like, Gen Zs scare the shit out of people because they have nothing they don’t hold back like they come for you they’re kinda terrifying whatever,” she says in the clip. “And people go, ‘they’re fighting like they have nothing to lose.'”

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Sara-Kathleen continues, “It’s because they are fighting. Because…they have…nothing to lose. You have taken away their ability to get a home. You have taken away their ability to have a life instead of having three fucking jobs to barely scrape by. You’ve taken away their ability to get a loan because they say you can’t pay the thousand dollars a month in a loan but you can pay the $1,600+ a month in rent. You’ve taken away their ability to afford groceries, healthcare, medications, mental health, education. And once they finally figured out how to do all those things with said education they can’t get the job.”

“They are fighting because they have nothing to lose,” she says. “They’re not fighting like they have nothing to lose. They’re fighting because they have nothing to lose.”

In a follow-up video, Sara-Kathleen delineates some examples of the “fighting” she was referring to. She talks about people “creating viral content” highlighting these issues. While her initial viral clip doesn’t reference abortion, she highlights some of the efforts that Gen Z has taken against leadership who voted to overturn Roe v Wade. Namely “doxxing the Supreme Court” officials and raising funds to help individuals get out of state so they can safely have abortion procedures performed.

In her initial clip, Sara touched on a lot of troubling economic issues that have only worsened since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In her post, she mentions that it’s almost impossible for someone to own a home in America, and she has a point: it was easier to buy a home during the great depression than it is today.

In terms of not being able to afford groceries and other consumer goods, she also is highlighting a very real phenomenon that is afflicting tons of American citizens: the Biden administration’s misjudging of inflation has resulted in some of the highest rates the U.S. has ever seen. That, compounded with the turgid cost of living and skyrocketing housing expenses, makes for a particularly bleak economic outlook for many Americans. The student loan crisis is a $1.75 trillion problem that has yet to be addressed in America, resulting in a lot of over-educated and under-employed citizens who have to grapple with mountains of debt, precluding them from being able to get loans to own their own home.

Throngs of commenters who saw Sara-Kathleen’s post agreed with the TikToker’s statements. Some millennials chimed in saying that it was during their time that leadership queued up these issues and did little to stop them from happening. Others shared their own stories of how they’re struggling to make ends meet despite working multiple jobs.

“And the millennials, we HAD stuff to lose, which was systematically taken from us,” a user wrote.

“We don’t have anything to lose. I can’t afford a house, or a car, or a dog. I work full time,” a user commented.

“Most of us have lost all will to live,” one viewer said.

“i literally learned that my belongings have no sentimental value. we grew up with active shooter drills. we are desensitized and angry,” a TikToker wrote.

Many also cited climate change and growing social unrest as a trigger for the hopelessness they constantly feel.

“We are 7 years away from the point of no return on the climate changing. which gives what 20 to 30 years before life on earth can’t anymore?” one user stated.

“I’m gen z, and I’ve always wanted kids, but I don’t know if my kids would literally have a planet that’s viable to live on…” a viewer commented.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sara for further comment via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jul 4, 2022, 11:27 am CDT