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Here’s why ‘Furry and Proud’ is trending on Twitter

Furries around the world are coming together.

Nov 22, 2019, 11:16 am

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Siobhan Ball 

Siobhan Ball

#FurryAndProud is trending on Twitter as furries around the world share their art, fur suits, and pride and love for their community.

The tag has been around for years but seems to have been kicked into virality by a design team’s Kickstarter campaign for their line of LGBTQ+ furry-themed T-shirts.


And not everyone is happy about that, with Twitter user @xeebees railing against capitalism and astroturfing campaigns —a marketing technique that attempts to disguise advertising as a grass roots campaign the way that @artworktee has done here.

However, the tag has transcended its origins, with people focusing on celebrating the fandom and its people rather than the T-shirt line.

Some of the stories are really touching, such as this one from @dixielioness. The furry fandom helped her get through medical issues.

There is still some nastiness aimed at the fandom, as furries are an easy and popular target.


Even non-furries are feeling the love, cheered on by all the positivity in the tag.



And some are stepping in to defend their fur-suited brethren. People being kind to each other online, you love to see it.


Of course, there was also the only kind of thread jacking that’s always welcome: people started posting photos of their pets.


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*First Published: Nov 22, 2019, 11:16 am