Freebirds Karen


Video shows ‘Freebirds Karen’ threatening to hit woman who asks her to wear mask

Freebirds Karen also claims to have attended not only Brown, but also Harvard.


Bryan Rolli


A video recently uploaded to Reddit shows a wild Karen throwing dollar bills and threatening to throw fists in a Freebirds restaurant after being asked to wear a mask. 

Redditor u/away-frm-u, who was involved in the burrito chain showdown, explained the context of the fight in a comment underneath the video, uploaded to r/FuckYouKaren on Monday. The Freebirds employees allegedly asked Karen to pull up her mask prior to the filming. She initially complied but pulled her mask back down a few seconds later. u/away-frm-u then confronted Karen in line and asked her to pull her mask up again, at which point she went berserk. 

The video begins with Karen glaring back at the woman filming and then cuts to her standing by the cash register, throwing dollar bills on the ground.

“She thinks she’s fucking rich,” Freebirds Karen yells at the woman filming, to which her friend—ostensibly u/away-frm-u—responds with a laugh, “We’re middle-class citizens.” 

Karen then berates the women about their education and tries to flex her big-brain credentials.

“You think you go to UT [University of Texas], when I went to fucking Brown, bitch,” Karen yells. “I went to fucking Harvard. I went to fucking Harvard!” (The showdown likely took place in Austin, home to several Freebirds locations and the University of Texas.) 

Karen then marches to the end of the line where the camerawoman is standing and announces, “I’m gonna fucking hit that bitch.”

Thankfully, Karen does not “hit that bitch,” and the Freebirds employees then order her to put on her mask and leave the store. One employee marches Karen out of the store as she continues to shout insults at the two women in line. Her mask is still down around her chin, but that was surely a worthy compromise if it got her the hell out of the store. 

Freebirds Karen’s Ivy League bonafides are dubious—she can’t even decide which school to lie about attending—but if she really did get a degree from Brown or Harvard, it just goes to show that even the finest education can’t teach some people how to avoid making fools of themselves in public. 

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