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‘Don’t come for me doodle moms’: Former pet industry worker warns against adopting 5 dog breeds in a viral TikTok, sparking debate

'I love these breeds but I don’t want to own one of my own.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jun 10, 2022

People are seriously protective of their pets and it’s not difficult to understand why. When you care for another living thing who depends on you for their survival and happiness, how are you not going to develop feelings for them? As it turns out, there are tons of studies that suggest couples and families who have pets are positively (pawsitively) influenced by all of the extra love generated by being with their pets.

“Couples who own cats or dogs have closer relationships, are more satisfied in marriage and respond better to stress than couples who do not,” the University of Buffalo learned.

Considering the extent of these relationships, can you imagine how hurt they’d feel if someone went online in a viral TikTok and said that they wouldn’t own their particular breed of dog?

Well, that’s what happened when TikToker @chilicheesechelsea, who goes by “Miss Chili Cheese” on the popular video sharing platform, listed five dog breeds she “would never own after working in the pet industry.” She set the video to “Che La Luna” by Louis Prima.


DISCLAIMER: I love these breeds but I don’t want to own one of my own. Don’t come for me doodle moms 🤪🤓 IT’S JUST MY OPINION!!!! (And a joke, I have a chihuahua lol)

♬ Che La Luna – Louis Prima

She captioned the video with a disclaimer: “I love these breeds but I don’t want to own one of my own. Don’t come for me doodle moms IT’S JUST MY OPINION!!!! (And a joke, I have a chihuahua lol).”

She starts her list with a Husky. These dogs rock coats that allow them to survive temperatures as low as 75 degrees below zero, meaning that they often get hot in the winter time. So one reason to maybe not have a Husky is if you’re unable to upkeep with their coat and ensure that they’re comfortable in the not-so-freezing months.

But her reason for not wanting the breed is because they are “completely unhinged and always screaming.”

This is a viewpoint that at least one person in the comments section agreed with: “I didn’t understand the husky hate til I house and pet sat for a friend. That damn dog was singing me the song of their people at 5 am every day.”

Chili Cheese Chelsea went on to list German Shepherds as being a dog breed she would never own because they are “always the most anxious and FOR WHAT.”

A blog on owning German Shepherds suggests that there are a few reasons why the pups tend to get anxious. One is a basic evolutionary trait and its this anxiety that makes them such good guard dogs: they are constantly vigilant and always on the lookout for potential danger and how they can protect their loved ones. Another is that they tend to emulate the emotional state of their owners. So theoretically if a German Shepherd is anxious, owners may want to try and be extra conscious of how they’re acting around their pet.

She then went on to say that one of the drawbacks of owning a Samoyed is the “non stop barking” and that they’re the “fun police.” The Chicago Tribune stated that while Samoyeds don’t particularly bark more than any other loud dog breed, they do tend to have a more “piercing” bark than other dogs.

The TikToker then went on to say that she would never want to own “literally ANY doodle mix. Truly the worst (Ppl don’t know how to handle their energy/breed mixes so they end up being out of control demons) and they are always MATTED.”

Pride and Prejudoodles, a site dedicated on giving tips to properly train these specific types of puppies, suggests that obedience training begins immediately with these dogs, as there are known to demand a lot of attention, persistence, and patience from their owners.

She then adds any “small white dogs with crusty eyes” to the list for their ankle biting ways at the end of the video, a commonly dogged on genre of canine.

Her post received a variety of different responses from users on the platform. Some people seemed to take offense to the joking critiques that their favorite dog breeds sustained, namely Doodle owners. Others agreed with some or all of what Chili Cheese Chelsea had to say:

“Doodles are literally the sweetest and best dogs ever,” one user said in defense.

“Our doodle is literally one of the best dogs I’ve ever had. As long as you actually take care of them they are literally the sweetest dogs ever,” a second commented.

“I love doodle slander,” another countered.

“The doodle owners in these comments are maaaad,” a third observed.

“I agree with the husky being completely unhinged,” one viewer claimed.

“Can confirm my GSD is anxious even after loads of professional training,” another argued.

“The way the owners of every other breed u mention are agreeing with u and the doodle owners are saying their dog is the best dog ever is on brand,” one user joked.

The Daily Dot reached out to the TikToker for further comment.

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*First Published: Jun 10, 2022, 2:06 pm CDT