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Family Research Council hates on LGBT supporter PayPal, but uses the service to take your money.

After tech giant PayPal announced it would cancel a planned North Carolina expansion in protest over the state’s new discriminatory law, LGBT advocates nationwide applauded the company.

But not everyone was happy with PayPal. To those on the conservative end of the political spectrum, PayPal had become a “Big Business Bully”—to quote Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, who, in a post on his Washington Update blog on the FRC website, encouraged readers to contact PayPal and “let the company know where you stand on their decision to side with extremists over public safety and privacy.”

There’s just one problem with Perkins’ call to arms against PayPal: His organization uses PayPal to take donations on its site.

As reported by PinkNews on Wednesday night, the Family Research Council partners with PayPal to corral donations from conservative supporters who want to help the group keep fighting the good fight against…PayPal.

The Daily Dot asked an FRC spokesperson on Thursday morning to clarify whether the group planned to stop using PayPal for fundraising, but did not receive a response.

In the Washington Update post, Perkins goes into detail about PayPal’s “extremism” and “lunacy.”

Meanwhile, PayPal may be the Left’s friend, but it’s no pal of North Carolina’s! The money transfer service announced this morning that it’s canceling the company’s Charlotte expansion because the state won’t force young girls to share bathrooms and showers with grown men. Company CEO Dan Schulman is so outraged that North Carolina listened to its people and not out-of-state radicals that he’s moving his new branch to a different location. Good riddance! Anyone with half a brain shouldn’t want that kind of extremism operating out of North Carolina anyway. There was a time, not too long ago, when most corporations would have probably moved out of a state if it did allow such lunacy.    

FRC is a self-described “pro-marriage, pro-life” nonprofit that battles for religious liberty while fighting abortion and LGBT rights. In 2010, the Southern Poverty Law Center designated the Family Research Council as a “hate group,” primarily for the group’s insistence on categorizing homosexual people as pedophiles. A division of Focus on the Family, FRC was mired in scandal in 2015, when Josh Duggar was forced to resign from its legislative arm, FRC Action, after it had surfaced that he had sexually abused five underage girls. 

In the same blog post that lambasted PayPal, Perkins applauded Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant for signing a law similar to the one in North Carolina. The Mississippi law prompted TIME magazine to dub it “bigotry disguised as faith,” but to Perkins the law is “religious liberty legislation that should be a model for every state.”

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