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‘She couldn’t tell the difference between an attorney’s office & a wax room?’: Esthetician says she almost gave the wrong woman a Brazilian wax

'Why did this lady get undressed in front of me if she knew she wasn't gonna get a wax?'


Lauren Castro


Posted on Jul 11, 2022

In a viral video posted June 15, TikToker Kat Gomez (@_katerinegomez) shared a waxing horror story to her 12,200 followers. 

Gomez, who is an esthetician, explained how she had brought the wrong client back to the waxing room, unaware of the mix-up until the lady was half-nude.

“Yes I should’ve confirmed her name with her but she got up so confidently and it’s never happened to me before but now I know to triple check lol,” Gomez captioned the video.

@_katerinegomez I almost waxed the wrong lady 🥲.. #fyp #esthetician #waxing ♬ original sound – Kat

Gomez explains that the waxing studio is in the same building as makeup artists, attorneys, and therapists. After checking her iPad and calling out the name Allison, who was scheduled for a Brazilian wax, Gomez says she was approached by a woman.

“I’m like this should be Allison, right,” she says. “We get to the room…this lady sat down on the chair…and she had a stack of paperwork.”

The TikToker thought it was odd that the woman didn’t get on the table for the wax, but didn’t think too much about it, and told the woman she could get undressed.

“You want me to take all my clothes off?” Gomez recalls the woman saying.

After telling her she only needed to remove her clothes from the waist down, the esthetician noticed the client seemed confused and nervous. However, Gomez claims the woman still undressed.

“She was just standing there naked and I was like ‘well, you can get on the table whenever you’re ready,” Gomez says. “[The woman] was like ‘wait, what are we doing?’…that’s when it finally clicked in my head. This is not Allison.”

Gomez found out that the woman, named Rhonda, was in the building to sign paperwork with an attorney.

“Why did this lady get undressed in front of me if she knew she wasn’t gonna get a wax?” Gomez says in the video, which has over 2.7 million views. “Why did she get naked to do paperwork?”

In the comments section, users express their shock and confusion.

“She couldn’t tell the difference between an attorney’s office & a wax room?” one user asked.

“omggggggg hahahaha mama was ready to WIN that court case,” another commented.

“WHY DID SHE GET UP IF HER NAME NOT ALLISON???” a third user said.

In a follow-up video, Gomez answered questions users left on her last post and gave more context to the waxing mishap. 

@_katerinegomez Reply to @sweetstuff01 ♬ original sound – Kat

Rhonda apologized, she says, and they both walked back to the front desk in silence. Gomez acknowledges that the mishap was also her fault as she should’ve double-checked her client’s name.

“She just sat back down on the chair like nothing happened,” she recalls.

Viewers in the comments section made light of Gomez’s misfortune.

“So you never told her that you do waxes? Lol,” one user asked.

Gomez replied, “NO, I was so in shock lol I completely forgot. I wonder what she thought I was gonna do. I’m still embarrassed.”

“I imagine now you’re triple checking for the name. ‘hey are you Allison? YOU’RE ALLISON, RIGHT? ALLISON IS YOUR NAME, correct?’” another user commented.

“Did you tell Allison why you were late?” a third user asked. Gomez responded, “YES!! She also wanted to know why Rhonda took her pants off.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Gomez via TikTok comment and Instagram messaging.

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*First Published: Jul 11, 2022, 5:10 pm CDT