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Emojiscopes: Your horoscope for October 2020

Libra season is a time for daydreams and wonder.


Nayomi Reghay


Welcome to your October 2020 horoscope! It’s Libra season. Libras love beauty, art, and above all, love. The world may be on fire, but there’s a healthy side of fantasizing that it isn’t. That isn’t to say we should forget about reality, but indulging in daydreams and wonder can do us all good right now. Yes, there’s work to be done this month, but there are fun and pleasure to be had, too! Savor that warm drink. Squeeze a friend in a big bear hug. Step on that extra crunchy leaf!

Libras make fantastic diplomats. They can see both sides of any situation, and they know how to deliver difficult messages with grace. They’re charmers, and it’s easy to see why they earn so many admirers. They know how to set everyone at ease. That said, too much people-pleasing can go too far. If you find yourself tempted to smooth things over in a way that erases your own point of view this month, slow down and rewind. Instead of seeking peace at all costs, seek balance. Let others know you see and value their point of view and then assert yourself peaceably.

Please note: These horoscopes, like emoji, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, and leave what doesn’t. 

Notable transits:

This month, Mercury stations retrograde on Oct. 13 in Scorpio. Scorpio is a mysterious sign that is not afraid to get deep. In fact, Scorpios live for the taboo. Death, destruction, sex—you name it, Scorpio loves it! The dark side of Scorpio energy reveals addictive behaviors and a tendency to obsess over past hurts. But when Scorpio energy is in balance, it allows us to transform our pain into personal power. During this retrograde, it’s important to examine our relationships to secrecy, pain, and personal transformation. If you’ve swept old hurts under the rug, they may resurface now in order to be healed. Don’t shy away from the discomfort. Lean in and look for clarity. The lessons you learn about your past will set you free.

Libra 👸🛀👗🗑️😌

It’s your birthday month, and like any good Libra you probably want to be treated like the royalty that you are! Pampering and presents are in order, but this month is also all about how you cultivate your self-worth. As a Libra, you often get your sense of self through partnership, but this Mercury Retrograde period is asking you to review your personal talents and how you use them to your benefit. You may also find yourself taking stock of all the possessions you may have accumulated to build up your self-worth. If there are old items you adore, by all means, revisit and cherish them. But if you’ve accumulated clutter that no longer serves you, this may be a good time to purge your closet—and your mind—to make space for a new sense of you. You’re already valuable, with or without your feather boa.

Scorpio 😶✍️🕊️🗣️😅

Oh Scorpio, you do feel misunderstood often, don’t you? You don’t like to say much. When you do speak, you prefer not to mince words. But with Mercury Retrograde in your sign this month, you may find that miscommunications are everywhere. Instead of wallowing in your deep pit of despair, use this moment to fine-tune your messaging. You may even want to journal your thoughts before you share. Are there moments where your preference for secrecy does more harm than good? Are you assuming the worst and getting it? Consider how you might soften your approach. Once you do, you’ll find being direct is less terrifying than it once was. And it just might feel more freeing than keeping all your cards so close to your chest.

Sagittarius 👂🤫🙋❓👀

You’re quite direct and to the point, Sagittarius. You don’t waste time playing coy. But this month, the people who surround you have a very different approach. There’s so much going on behind the scenes. So if you want to get the job done, you’ll have to listen carefully for what isn’t being said. Don’t be afraid to review conversations and ask clarifying questions. You’ll want to dot your I’s and cross your T’s. And if you’ve been asked to commit yourself to a cause, know exactly what’s being asked of you before you sign away your time. Your willingness to leap into things and take risks is admirable, but right now, caution is key. Take a very careful look at your surroundings and who you’re working with before you dive in deep.

Capricorn 🌎👯‍♀️🤔🖼️😌

This month you may find yourself reflecting on the communities you’ve been a part of in the past, as well as the communities and friendships you’re committing yourself to today. Pay close attention to when you feel fulfilled and invigorated—and when you feel drained or resentful. The more you know your patterns, the better you’ll be able to show up for whatever communities you choose to join or form next. This isn’t necessarily a time for making big moves, but it is one for looking at the big picture. Whatever you find, remember this: You are a crucial member of any community you join. Don’t imagine that you’re insignificant. You may not be able to see exactly how you fit right now or precisely the impact you’ll have. But you matter more than you know. 

Aquarius 😎🙄💁‍♀️🌟🌎

You may be more concerned with your status than usual right now. You’re usually too cool for school. You like to march to your own beat, and you tend to scoff at those who vie for popularity. But here’s the thing: Recognition isn’t just about ego. It can be a stepping stone to having a greater impact. If you think self-promotion is ugly or gross, think again. It’s OK to toot your own horn! Let people know about your accomplishments! When you take up space, you let others know that they can, too. You’re very principled, and you have noble aims—we know. But skulking in a cave is not the way to help humanity.  Trust that your popularity will help you to help others. Don’t be afraid to take the spotlight this month. So many people will benefit when you do.

Pisces 🚣‍♀️⏳🧐🛣️🌹

You’re on a journey of sorts this month, Pisces. Maybe you feel like you’re time-traveling, visiting old versions of who you’ve been. Or perhaps you’re on a quest for knowledge. Whatever your destination, you may feel like the road is long and full of detours right now. There are no shortcuts this month. So don’t fret when you find yourself on a side road or when you get a proverbial flat tire. Take time to slow down, smell the roses, and enjoy the view.

Aries 🤬💥🕵️‍♂️🔥🏕️

It’s in your nature to go with your gut. Often you say what’s on your mind before you’ve even finished your thought. Many people love this about you. You’re fiery and direct. But this month, you need to learn the value of tempering your words. Especially when it comes to conflict. With your ruler Mars in retrograde for the entire month, your very way of being may feel under review. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you feel like you’re getting it all wrong, that simply isn’t true. But you’re seeing how your fire can be destructive when it’s not contained. When people see forest fires, they feel fear. But a sweet little campfire? That has an inviting glow. The more you pay attention to boundaries and limits this month, the more effective you’ll be—and the better you’ll be able to kindle a fire where many friends and loved ones will want to gather.

Taurus 💏🧐👀📐🐌

It’s time for you to review your partnerships. You may feel like you’re revisiting lessons you’ve learned again and again. That’s fair because as a Taurus, you always show up willing and able to “do the work.” Right now, instead of digging in, try to shift your perspective. Look at old problems and patterns from new angles. If you tend to blame yourself, consider instead why you’ve chosen partners in work or in love who can’t meet certain needs. If you find you’re overly critical of others, take a look at the role you play in these partnerships when things don’t go quite right. Can you adjust your attitude or simply slow all the way down to make room for new approaches to conflict?

Gemini 🗑️🧠✂️👐🎁

This month is all about purging what you no longer need. Maybe your closet is cluttered. Or maybe your mind is full of thoughts that no longer serve you. Whatever is taking up space in your life right now, if it isn’t paying you back in some way, it’s time to cut it out. This will become especially clear mid-month when your ruler Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio. You like to keep things, but Scorpio asks you to dig deeper. So get out your shovel and get to the root of any clinging or hoarding you’ve been doing. What do you believe you’ve got to lose by letting go? If you think holding on is keeping you safe, consider the gifts you might be blocking by not letting go. Open your arms and welcome the present in!

Cancer 🌝💓😩💆😷

You’re ruled by the moon, and the two full moons bookend this month and they may leave you feeling overwhelmed. You feel things quite deeply, Moonchild. At your best, this makes you someone who has a natural gift for caring for others. You nurture by nature. You know the mood of a room before you even enter it. But there are times when your sensitivity becomes a thorn in your side. Just because you can feel the emotional currents shift by a millimeter does not mean everyone else can or should. If people cannot read your mind this month, or naturally intuit what would put you at ease, do not begrudge them their shortcomings. What look like flaws at first may be differences that make your friends, partners, and colleagues assets to you in the long run. Try to forgive those who do not possess your talent for caretaking this month. And if you need a little extra love, take a break from helping everyone else. Put on your own oxygen mask first, and take as many deep breaths as you need.

Leo 🏠💖🕺🧼😃

Home is where the heart is—and it’s where your priorities will lie this month. You may want to go out and play, but you won’t be able to have much fun if you don’t have a soft place to land. Give yourself permission to rethink your space this month. What do you need in order to feel safe, protected, and supported in your space? What can you rearrange to create a sense of order amidst your collection of glitter and baubles? You don’t need to perfect your space, far from it. But if you take time to polish, you’ll find you feel restored and refreshed!

Virgo 🔍🤔🗣️🤐🤝

Precisely what are you looking for, Virgo? Respect, admiration, love, support? This month, your close friendships and how you communicate may be under review. Before you reach out or pick a battle, consider what you’re looking for. The better you can name your needs, the better the people you reach for will see you and understand you. Be wary of your tendency to criticize others. If you feel harsh words coming on, zip your lip! Instead, use your perfectionist’s eye to propose ways of fine-tuning your communication. The more you can use the word “we” this month, the further you’ll get.

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