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Your Emoji-scopes for October 2019

Libra season brings love, beauty, and harmony.


Nayomi Reghay


Posted on Oct 1, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 2:30 am CDT

Please note: These horoscopes, like emoji, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, and leave what doesn’t. 

Welcome to your October 2019 horoscope! It’s Libra season, and that means opportunities for love, beauty, and harmony. Libras love to fantasize and indulge. Sometimes they get a bad rap for having their heads in the clouds, but Libras are also quite wise. They’re charming peacemakers who have a gift for seeing both sides of any situation and using that insight to create solutions that make everyone comfortable.

Libras also tend to default into people-pleasing mode to avoid conflict. So if conflicts arise, be careful not to default to flattery. It might defuse the situation in the short-term, but erasing what you really think or feel to make others happy will only frustrate you in the long run. The best use of this energy is to strike a balance between diplomacy and self-assertion. 

Notable transits:

This month, we’ll have two grand water trines. The first occurs Oct. 10 to 16 between Mercury in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces, and the North Node in Cancer. Another takes place from Oct. 17 to 21 between Venus in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces, and the North Node in Cancer. Water signs are deeply emotional, so you might find yourself feeling things deeply, but this energy is harmonious. When messenger Mercury is forming its trine, you may find yourself drawn to deeper conversations than usual. And when lover and queen of abundance Venus steps in, take note of how your approach to love, connection, and money might be ready to grow or transform.

We’ll also see two cardinal t-squares. These tend to show us areas of our lives where something might be missing. The first one from Oct. 3 to 10 is between the sun in Libra, Saturn in Capricorn, and the North Node in Cancer. The second one occurs Oct. 17 to Oct. 28 between Mars in Libra, Saturn in Capricorn, and the North Node in Cancer. Cancer and Capricorn are the mom and dad of the zodiac. Cancer’s sensitive, feminine energy reminds us to nurture, and Capricorn’s practical, masculine energy shows us how to build stable structures to achieve longterm goals. Libra’s natural gift for balance could support this duality, but the missing piece here is the fire and thrust of Aries ambition. You may notice areas of life where you’ve made too many compromises, and now you don’t feel you’re getting your fair share. Pay close attention to any circumstances where you’re reluctant to trust your gut. Playing it safe is valuable at times, but taking risks can be healthy, too!

Libra 👸🎁🎉😔📔

It’s your season, Libra, and you’re ready to be treated like royalty. But let’s be honest: You could always go for presents, a cake with your name on it, and the company of friends and lovers who will shower you with love and attention. Go ahead and celebrate yourself! But make sure you make time for meaningful me-time, too. This month, your ruler Venus will be spending time in Scorpio, which means you might find yourself getting deep. If old hurts or long-kept secrets bubble to the surface, don’t be scared to clear out those cobwebs. You’re stronger than you know, and even if you only do it in a journal, letting out your feelings will provide sweet relief.

Scorpio 🚧👀🕊️🍬🔓

You may find yourself facing many roadblocks this month, Scorpio, as both the sun and Mars in Libra face off with your ruler, Pluto. You’ll have lots of work to do, and you may feel like everyone’s watching, so you have to do things perfectly. The truth is, there’s plenty of room for error, and any mistakes you make this month are learning opportunities. Your biggest learning opportunity this month will be handling disputes with a mixture of sincerity and diplomacy. You absolutely deplore people who aren’t “real” with you, so sugarcoating your gripes may strike you as fake. But a spoonful of sugar can soften your delivery, lead important people to hear you out, and unlock valuable connections.

Sagittarius 🍀📍😄🙏😌

This month could be an especially lucky one, Sagittarius. Your ruler, Jupiter, is being showered by good vibes from a sextile to the sun in Libra, so keep an eye out for happy coincidences and chance meetings. You might feel like you’re in the right place at the right time. Or you may meet people who delight you with their humor and good nature. This is also a great time for you to take stock of your good fortune and reconnect with a sense of gratitude. The more you practice enjoying what you have, the sturdier you’ll feel when new challenges arrive.

Capricorn 🙇👍🤔💃🌟

You typically enjoy taking the lead, Capricorn, but this month you may find yourself more eager than usual to follow the cues of others. Whether you’re trying to make an impression at work or angling to charm a potential love interest, be mindful of how you go about winning people over. Showing people you are agreeable and capable of taking orders is well and good, but don’t abandon the part of you that’s independent. If you find yourself getting caught up in flattery or seeking praise from the people you’ve been wooing, step back and remind yourself how good it can feel to march to your own beat. Turn on your favorite tunes and boogie like no one’s watching. You’ll feel happier than you do when you’re looking over your shoulder, and you’ll shine like the star you are when you’re really being you.

Aquarius 😓🌳⛈️☂️🌈

Aquarius, this month, you may feel like you’re being subjected to unreasonable demands, especially at work. You may feel like you’re being stretched to your capacity, and as much as you’d like to run for the bushes, you can’t because your reputation is on the line. In order to weather these challenges, you’ll need to be extra gentle with yourself. This is also an opportunity to parse out what you can control and what you can’t. For example, you can’t decide when or if a thunderstorm will descend, but you can choose to check the forecast and pack an umbrella. If things get a bit dark, remind yourself that even the roughest storms are temporary, and there are often rainbows on the other side.

Pisces 🌌⛑️🔒🤗🔓

The stars are aligning in your favor this month, Pisces, and they want to support you deeply. Whether you’ve been needing emotional support or a boost in your career, help is on the way. The only thing that could hold you back is an unwillingness to let support in. You have a tendency to want to rescue or save others, but the only person you can ever really save is yourself. This month, consider what kind of support you might open to if you weren’t trying to save the world. Don’t keep your needs locked away. If you can let others help you, you’ll find doors that were once jammed shut are opening with just a little push.

Aries 🐌🔥🌹👯👣

This month, Aries, your No. 1 challenge is to slow down, which generally speaking, you hate to do! You have a fiery, go-getter spirit, so standing still can feel like you’re burning a hole right beneath you. But right now you are being offered an opportunity to stop and smell the roses. Don’t rush. Instead, savor the moment and be on the lookout for encounters with people who help you to slow down and enjoy life. They could become valuable collaborators. You may even meet a long-term sweetheart. But if you’re running with your eyes on the horizon, you could miss the magic moments right in front of you. Take one step at a time, and keep both eyes open!

Taurus 🐛✨🤐😰👌

Transformative energy surrounds you right now, Taurus. You are typically direct and to-the-point. You pride yourself on being hardworking and showing up prepared to put in 110%. But this month, you are learning about the importance of everything beneath the surface. You could potentially discover that you have a real talent for organizing what happens behind the scenes. You may also find that playing such a role makes you feel a bit anxious. But really, you’re just being shown that you have options. You don’t have to put all your cards on the table. Sometimes, it’s healthy to keep a few secrets and not tell everyone your motives until you’ve assessed the situation. 

Gemini 😮🙃↕️👂💪

This month will take you on a deep journey full of exciting surprises and powerful discoveries. In fact, Gemini, everything you thought you knew could feel like it’s being turned upside down. Your ruler Mercury is stationed in Scorpio, and it forms a harmonious sextile to Scorpio’s ruler Pluto. Scorpio is a revealer of secrets, and with all this Scorpio energy flowing your way, you’re likely to learn things you didn’t know about yourself or others. But you’ll make the most of this moment and these experiences if you listen attentively for deeper meaning. People know you as a great speaker, but if you take the time to listen carefully, you’ll discover you have other hidden strengths.

Cancer 🌄💪😌✨🌬️

Have you ever tried a morning stretching routine, Cancer? It’s not about working out vigorously, but simply waking up your muscles in ways that feel pleasant and nurturing. This month asks you to stretch yourself in such ways. Avoid the temptation to play the martyr or work yourself to your limits. Stretching doesn’t have to mean fancy splits. It can simply mean reaching your arms overhead or tilting your neck as you look to the sky. Gently pull yourself up and out of your shell this month and see where stretching takes you. Fresh energy is here for you. Let it fill you like oxygen. Take deep breaths.

Leo 💕💏💭🦄⌛

Your days seem to be tinted with a rose-colored hue this month, Leo. Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and you’ve got a little skip in your step. Are you in love or just in love with the idea of love? Right now, it doesn’t matter. You can enjoy romance for romance’s sake. Let yourself enjoy your fantasies this month. Even if unicorns don’t technically exist, it’s fun to go for a ride and pretend they do. Come the end of the month, you’ll be presented with new challenges that ask you to get back to work. So enjoy your vacation while it lasts!

Virgo 👁️🔌⚡💗🌎

You’ve got a new attitude, Virgo. Recent events have asked you to see yourself and others differently. But that was just the beginning. Now it’s time to put your new perspective to work. This month gives you opportunities to make profoundly satisfying connections. You might even feel like there’s electricity humming in the air. The secret to making sparks right now is opening up and sharing your inner magic. So don’t be afraid to get vulnerable or go deep. The more you open up, the more the world around you will, too.


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*First Published: Oct 1, 2019, 6:00 am CDT