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Emojiscopes: Your horoscope for January 2020

Start the decade with the stars at your back—and get ready for big things.


Nayomi Reghay


Posted on Jan 1, 2020   Updated on May 19, 2021, 7:07 pm CDT

Please note: These horoscopes, like emoji, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, and leave what doesn’t.

Welcome to a whole new decade! We start out 2020 in the thick of Capricorn season, and this one is full of that can-do, climb-every-mountain, fake-it-til-you-make-it Capricorn energy. The Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn will all be in Capricorn at the beginning of January, which means we may feel a little extra when it comes to our resolutions and goals for the year—or even the decade! This could feel a little heavy, but the good news is that Capricorn knows how to handle responsibility. No matter your sign, it’s a great time to think about how you’ve been creating your reality by taking or not taking responsibility. If you’ve been shouldering too much, it’s a good time to let go. And, if you’re fearful of responsibility, it’s the perfect moment to see how it feels to take on bigger roles and projects. 


On Jan. 10, the lunar eclipse in Cancer will highlight the areas of our lives that need a little tender love and care. If we’ve hit the ground running in the new year we may be seeing lots of forward momentum. But this eclipse will remind us that slowing down and nurturing our emotional lives is just as crucial as taking care of business. Pay attention to any significant events that show you what happens when your emotional needs go unmet and be on the lookout for interactions that make you feel safe and cared for. 

Capricorn ⛰️😃😟🎒🌟

No one matches your ability to stay the course of a big, bold, long-term goal. As the year begins you’ll feel ready to climb mountains, but you may also be riddled with doubts. You tend to be your own worst enemy, imagining that you don’t have the talent or the tools to get you where you’d like to be. If you make one resolution for 2020 it should be this: Get out of your own way. You have everything it takes to do what you want to do. Instead of wasting energy fretting that you don’t have what it takes, pack your gear for the journey ahead. The stars are in your favor this year. Let good things happen and they will. 

Aquarius 🤓💡❤️👅🗣️

You have an incredible mind. You are capable of considering completely innovative ways of doing things, and you love to keep busy with intellectual pursuits. But this month, you may find yourself longing for love. When Uranus stations direct in earthy lover Taurus on the 10th, you’ll probably feel yourself wanting a tangible connection—one you can touch, taste, and feel. Be open to people who help you to get out of your head. Mercury in your sign will give your communication skills a boost. So don’t be afraid to speak your desires aloud—even if they’re as simple as a backrub while you explain your latest conspiracy theory. 

Pisces 😴🎊✋👄💪

As the year begins, you may feel a little drained from traveling and socializing. Make sure you get some much-needed rest the first two weeks of the month because, on Jan. 16, Jupiter sextile and your ruler Neptune will fill your schedule with lots of social events and friendly meetings. You tend to go with the flow and you can get along with almost anyone, but Mars will form a square to Neptune on the 17th, asking you to take risks and be more assertive. If someone challenges you don’t back down! Be honest about your opinions. Your convictions will earn you respect this month, and may even make you a new friend or two!


Do you feel lucky? You should! Your ruler Mars is in friendly Sagittarius this month giving you a much-needed boost in these dark days of winter. As someone who loves to be on the go these months of hibernation can be extra hard for you. But this month will bring you lots of opportunities for activity and adventure. Say yes to anything that involves learning new things, traveling to new places, or trying new physical activities. But don’t forget your downtime. When Mars forms a square to sleepy Neptune on Jan. 17, you’ll need to rest and restore and maybe even revise some of your plans. If you don’t slow down, your body may force you to by getting sick. But plan for slowness and you may find you enjoy rest more than usual.

Taurus 💭😊🎶🖼️🏞️

You could feel more idealistic than usual this month, especially when your ruler Venus enters dreamy Pisces on Jan. 13. This could lend you some helpful optimistic energy, as you tend to be extremely practical in your day-to-day. Pisces can bring a little bit of fearful energy, too. So watch out if you find yourself imagining the worst. Instead, tap into the ability to escape to a beautiful dream world. Let yourself get lost in good music and good movies. Waste an afternoon wandering around a museum. The more you let yourself be inspired this month, the better. Yes, there’s work to be done—isn’t there always? But if you can take the scenic route to and from work this month you’ll really enjoy it.

Gemini 😝📣👂👯🌎

As 2020 starts, you’ll probably be eager to share your hopes and dreams with anyone who will listen. It’s just who you are—you love to talk! But right now you’ll get closer to your goals if you listen to others. With your ruler Mercury in Aquarius mid-month, you’ll get a big boost from interacting with friends and community. Pay attention to networks of support that make you feel happy and stimulated. And be open to collaboration, especially if there are opportunities to give back and do good. The more you can see yourself as part of something bigger, the better. 

Cancer 🌝🔍⚡😰👣

This month’s lunar eclipse in your sign will bring something into sharper focus for you. You may receive a burst of information, inspiration, or a flurry of attention. It may hit you like a thunderbolt, giving you the energy needed to move forward with a big plan. If you feel a little overwhelmed, but don’t hesitate. Whatever your gut tells you now will be right on the money. Trust your instincts and you’ll find your footing with ease.

Leo 🎖️😠👏😌💞

You’ll want to be taken seriously this month. You love to entertain, but right now you want to be recognized for your efforts. If you feel like you’re not getting the praise or validation you crave you could become very prickly. It’s OK to want assurance but remember to be your own biggest fan. If you can give yourself credit for all you’ve done and do, you’ll be less sensitive to the reactions of others. Alternately, don’t forget to tell others what you appreciate about them. When the people whose opinions matter most to you see how much you value them they may shower you with a warmth you never expected.

Virgo 📃✏️🤝❓💚

You’re ready for a fresh start. You’ve got your planners, calendars, and freshly sharpened pencils ready. But this month you need to find your team. You’ve got an eye for details but think big picture. Who’s got your back? Do they share your values? Do you want to head in the same direction? Figure out who you’re playing with and for before you make any big decisions. You give a lot of yourself and you can veer into martyrdom. Sacrifice is Ok, but before you give your all make sure you’re dedicating yourself to a cause that’s worth your efforts. It will be much more rewarding if you do.

Libra 😫💤🏠💆💕

You may have spent the last couple of months answering the call of many worldly demands. If you’ve been running from place to place or overwhelmed by family obligations you could find you’re feeling low energy. But with your ruler Venus in Pisces, this is a perfect time for rest. Give yourself the gift of slowness this month. No matter what needs doing, no matter who’s calling your name, you can take your time this month. Take time to go within and return to your own needs and your own dreams. Those who love you will understand and even encourage you once you do.

Scorpio 😳🆘⛑️👁️🤗

You like to keep yourself a bit of a mystery, but you could feel exposed this month. You’ll be reaching for big things and you’ll need assistance to make progress. This could make you feel quite vulnerable. Keep in mind that asking for help is human and healthy, and those who help you enjoy supporting you. If you feel like a burden remember that you can always give back. And telling people who support you how much you appreciate them is often one of the greatest gifts you can give. Envision sharing your successes with all those who’ve helped you along the way and you’ll feel a bit more pep in your step as you journey to your destination.

Sagittarius 🚢🏢🍀😤🤔

You love an adventure and this month is a perfect time for you to travel. With go-getter Mars in your sign, you may find yourself on the road or visiting big new work opportunities. For the most part, your journeys should feel lucky and blessed. But around mid-month you may feel some friction between how you imagine things could be and how they actually are, in reality. It’s OK to be frustrated, but don’t get melancholy. Instead, consider how having a vision can fuel you to take action. Your results don’t have to match up exactly with your expectations for the journey to be worthwhile. Embrace surprises.


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*First Published: Jan 1, 2020, 5:00 am CST