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Your Emoji-scopes for December 2019

Are you hungry for a change?


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Posted on Dec 1, 2019   Updated on May 19, 2021, 9:39 pm CDT

Please note: These horoscopes, like emoji, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, and leave what doesn’t.

Welcome to your December horoscope! Sagittarius season is here to usher in lots of adventure, learning, and maybe a spontaneous new tattoo—or two. For most of us, this is a time of year where we can suffer from a bit of tunnel vision. If you feel like an angsty teenager (which is totally Sagittarius’ thing) whining from the backseat, “Are we there yet?” trust that you’re not alone. Sagittarius is on an endless quest for truth and knowledge and wants us to put that knowledge into action. And with Sagittarius sitting in its ruling planet Jupiter, many of us may be feeling extra restless. So instead of bemoaning what didn’t go right this year, start doing things in a new way. You don’t have to wait for the New Year to refresh your life. You can dye your hair purple, or start that new kickboxing class, or even a new fling. And you can do it today!


On Nov. 27, Neptune stationed direct in Pisces, bringing us out of any fogginess and into a new place of clarity. That energy will carry into December. This newfound clarity gets a boost on Dec. 7, when we move out of the shadow phase of Mercury retrograde. Tasks and projects that have been difficult to complete should start to feel lighter, and communications that have been strained should feel more fluid.

On Dec. 9, Mercury enters Sagittarius, adding some playfulness to our communication. But we’ll need to be careful not to be too blunt. Telling the truth is great, and landing a great joke can be fun—but careful who you zing. On Dec. 20, Venus will move into free-thinking Aquarius right before the sun enters serious and traditional Capricorn. Overall, this is a month where energies should feel harmonious and balanced. Water, earth, air, and fire signs will all be in play. The month won’t be without challenges, but it’s a wonderful time to find your stride and call in fresh energy.

Sagittarius 😜🎉✈️🧐✨

You’re always up for a party, and this month is no exception. With Mercury moving into your sign on the 9th, you’ll probably feel extra sociable. Mercury also rules transportation so you may feel an urge to travel and explore. This is a great time for you to learn new things, whether it’s through conversations or your own adventures. Just make sure you keep an open mind. When you become passionate about something, you tend to suffer from tunnel vision, but stay open to possibilities. The full moon on Dec. 12 will remind you to lighten up. 

Capricorn 😓😅🏆😌🌹

You may feel like you’ve been working overtime lately, both at work and at home. This month brings you some much-needed relief. Things should feel lighter, and the work you’ve been putting in will see great returns, whether it’s in the form of material rewards or more satisfaction in your relationships. With Venus in your sign until the 20th, you’ll likely feel ready to make room for more beauty and pleasure in your day-to-day. Add new art to your home, indulge in a trip to the beauty counter, or simply make time to enjoy the beauty you find in your daily surroundings. Things will feel extra rosy once you do.

Aquarius 🔋😠😴😃🤝

Aquarius, this month will feel energizing, and you will probably feel compelled to take on many tasks at once. Whether it’s party planning, an extra project at work, or helping a charitable cause, you will definitely have your plate full. You can get plenty done right now. But remember to recharge! If you don’t get your me-time, you could start to be overly critical of those who you’re trying to collaborate with. They aren’t actually a problem, you just need your space! So take it, and then get back to moving and shaking.

Pisces 💪🗓️👪💆🤗

You may be feeling a renewed sense of purpose right now, Pisces. Make the most of this energy by devoting yourself to routines that support you and your dreams. You may feel pressured to show up for friends and family this month. Just remember it’s OK to invest in yourself, too! A little alone time will help you recharge and show up as a kinder, more available version of you.

Aries 🤔🏃🧹👿🦍

This month asks you to get deep. You’d probably rather go for a run than face your feelings or your fears, but getting deep doesn’t have to be depressing. It can be downright cathartic. Think of this month as a time to deep clean your thoughts and feelings for any muck that may be laying around. Meditation, journaling, and other introspective routines are all valuable right now. Spend some time kicking your inner demons’ butts this month, Aries, and you’ll emerge with a gorilla-like strength!


Taurus 🎯👀🗺️📣✊

As the month begins, you’ll feel highly goal-oriented. You may get the urge to map out the long view of the year ahead long before anyone else has given New Year’s resolutions a single thought. This attitude can help you or harm you, depending on your approach. Avoid rigid thinking, and definitely don’t beat yourself up! Now is the time to channel your own inner cheerleader and remind yourself what you’re made of. You’ve got the tenacity and the vision to make major things happen, but you’ll need to root for yourself to get there.

Gemini 🌝🌟😞🎩👍

Come midmonth, Gemini, the full moon in your sign will help you shine. You may feel like lately, you’ve had to play it safe or sit on the sidelines. But that’s about to change. Take the lessons you’ve learned while you were waiting for good news and put them to good use this month. You’ve got the charm and diplomacy to make all kinds of valuable connections right now. If fear of failure creeps up, that’s OK. Just repeat this mantra: I’m going to do it anyway. 

Cancer 👄⚡🤐😮🏅

This month your ability to communicate will get a big boost! You are incredibly sensitive and you tend to shut down when you fear your feelings are too intense to share. But you’re learning to handle your emotional intensity with grace. Don’t be afraid to open up this month, Cancer. The thing you think is your greatest weakness is actually a hidden talent. If you dare to expose a wound or re-examine a conflict, you will more than likely win the respect and admiration of those who show up to hear your story.

Leo 🐒🎉😥👯💖

Just because you’re a party animal that doesn’t mean you can’t get the holiday blues, Leo. There may be some hiccups this month that make you feel stuck, isolated, or like you aren’t getting your fair share of the pie. Or perhaps you feel a ton of pressure to put on the charm and be the life of the party. Instead of pretending everything’s fine, be honest with yourself and others about your frustrations. You can share your pain without killing the vibe. In fact, they’ll most likely relate, and connecting will make you feel all sparkly again.

Virgo 😃💪😟🎲💯

Virgo, expect loads of energy to make things happen! While your typical style involves lots of planning before you act, you’ll have many chances to take risks and see where you land. If you’re feeling anxious about rolling the dice, think of it as a learning opportunity. You’ve built a solid foundation and a certain amount of risk-taking isn’t just healthy, it’s necessary to keep you feeling energized and free. So if opportunity knocks, answer. You can fine-tune the details later.

Libra 😰🥇🌱🕑🌺

You may be putting more pressure on yourself than usual to achieve and advance in all situations. You might feel pressure to be perfect or No. 1, but your real competition comes from within, Libra. This month, it’s important for you to remember that no matter how much effort you put in, you can’t force yourself to blossom before you’re ready. Growth happens because of your efforts, but it also happens due to factors you cannot control. Let yourself unfold at your own healthy pace. 

Scorpio 🔥⏩🎤👀👏

With Mars in your sign all month, Scorpio, you’ll feel all fired up and ready to go. It’s a great time for you to show initiative and take risks at work and in love. You tend to be secretive, introspective, and at times quite shy. But you’ll make big impressions if you put yourself out there. Take note of people who are responsive when you show up with energy and enthusiasm. You’re passionate and intense, and sometimes you feel like you need to keep that under wraps. Try letting your intensity show, and some valuable allies will notice and support you.

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*First Published: Dec 1, 2019, 6:00 am CST