woman standing in elevator in altercation with 3 other woman, camera is pointed up to show reflection of other women on the ceiling


‘The way the reflection show there’s space’: TikToker says ‘Karens’ told her to get out of the elevator because it was ‘too full’

'4 people is too full?'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jul 10, 2022   Updated on Jul 10, 2022, 6:11 pm CDT

TikToker @therealblxess uploaded a now-viral clip that reportedly shows women (whom the original poster refers to as “Karens”) attempting to kick her out of an elevator because it was “too full.”

In a caption for the video, @therealblxess wrote that the elevator passengers “went to go tell security I said I was gonna stab them.” Due to the tags in the captions, it also appears that the incident took place at the ICE condominium complex in Toronto, Canada.

The clip shows an upward close-up shot of the TikToker’s face along with a reflection of the other women from the elevator’s mirrored ceiling.

@therealblxess Then went to go tell the security i said i was gonna stab them😂😂 #messytiktok #icecondos #toronto #karen #karensgoingwild ♬ original sound – Blessing Barbie

It’s difficult to make out everything that’s being said in the video as the women all attempt to talk over one another, and masks muffle their voices. However, early on in the 27-second TikTok, the creator can be heard saying, “Don’t tell me ‘bitch,'” in response to something one of the elevator passengers was saying.

“You’ll get boxed in the face, you wanna get boxed?” the TikToker asks one of the women.

“You’re not supposed to be here,” one of the women says.

“Get fuck out, you can walk,” the creator continues. “The fuck you think this shit is.”

“Dumb bitch, shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up,” @therealblxess says as one of the women continues to speak. “You shut the fuck up. Back off,” the woman responds.

The TikToker then pans the camera to show two of the women that she’d been recording.”You guys are idiots, look, camera,” she says.

In a follow-up video, @therealblxess said she couldn’t believe she kept her calm because it “was a real racist encounter.” She also notes that the video was taken on Canada Day 2021, and the elevator had sign denoting a 3-person maximum capacity due to COVID-19 restrictions. The TikToker claims she asked if it was OK to enter the elevator beforehand, and one of the women nodded.

@therealblxess Replying to @shesindii Reply to @shesindii This was last year canada day btw but I should’ve boxed them tbh😭 #fyp #racist #karen ♬ original sound – Blessing Barbie

Her video received over 2.5 million views. In the comments, some people remarked that the reflection of the elevator layout shows that there was more than enough space for everyone to fit inside of it.

“Helpp the way the reflection show there’s space,” one user wrote.

“4 people = full. WHAT!?” another said.

“The nerve ppl have,” a third added.

Others pointed out the frustration in hearing one of the women say, “you’re not supposed to be here,” as if she has any ownership of the building or can govern where the TikToker is and isn’t allowed to go inside of the building.

“‘Your not supposed to be here.’ What? Supposed to be where? In the elevator going home. Why she acting like she owns the building,” one user commented.

“Bet if they weren’t in a group you wouldn’t hear a peep out of them,” another viewer suggested.

Some TikTokers remarked that they found it “sad” that the women were also people of color but seemed to be suspicious of the Black TikToker for being in the elevator.

“It’s even sadder when it’s another ethnic group like you Fr??! Ayy and I love how we have the same slang yet sound mad diff,” one user shared.

“And it be other POC,” another seconded.

“This was a satisfying racial moment I’m so glad you didn’t sit there & take that. Who do they think they are? This ain’t the yes’m 1940s,” a third wrote.

While Canada is frequently viewed as a more fair-minded country by some Americans and Canadians, there are several recently published studies that address anti-Black racism in Canada. A Boston Consulting Group report titled “The Pervasive Reality of Anti-Black Racism in Canada” states that Black students are four times as likely to be expelled from schools than their white counterparts. It also cites wage disparities between white and Black university graduates, higher reports of workplace discrimination from Black employees, and significantly higher levels of police brutality toward Black Torontonians.

“While Canadians often believe that our country is a model when it comes to inclusion, the hard truth is we have a long way to go toward achieving equity for the Black population in Canada…” the report reads. “Data indicates that anti-Black racism exists in Canada and is worse than many Canadians think.”

Similarly, Charles Officer, director of The Skin We’re In penned a piece for CBC in which he states that Canadians “shouldn’t believe the hype that we are a nation of grand cultural tolerance and equality,” citing a Toronto Star analysis that “presented a series of articles that disclosed statistical evidence of racial profiling by the police.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @therealblxess via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jul 10, 2022, 6:10 pm CDT