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Video shows ‘Karen’ going on drunken tirade against ‘millennials’ at the drive-thru

'You f***ing millennials is the best thing that just hit the f***ing joint, dude.'

Aug 18, 2020, 9:29 am*



Bryan Rolli

Seemingly overwhelmed by the pressures of the drive-thru menu, a drunk Karen got out of her car and launched into a tirade against a carful of millennials behind her.

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The video was uploaded to r/PublicFreakout on Monday under the title "The Drunk Karen Whisperer," where it has received over 2,500 upvotes. Karen’s drunken rant is almost poetic in its absurdity. She takes issue with several things about the group of men she’s harassing, including their age and the fact that one Black man is apparently hanging out with a group of white men. 

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“You laughing now? Keep fucking laughing, bro,” Karen yells at the car. “You wanna know fucking why? Oh my God, keep fucking laughing, ‘cause you Black, bitch, you fucking Black. You Black hanging out with rich white kids, and that’s your problem.”

Karen then begins singing unintelligibly (“na na na na-fucking-na”) as the passengers in the other car howl with laughter. (It's apparently from Master P's "Make 'Em Say Ugh.")

“And what’s so good is you ignorant white fucks, you little millennials, sitting here videotaping my ass,” she continues.

When one of the men in the other car asks how old Karen is, she blows a gasket. 

“You fucking millennials is the best thing that just hit the fucking joint, dude,” she yells. “Fuck you, and fuck you.”

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Eventually, one of the men gets out of the car and tries to convince Karen to relax.

“If the cops come, we all fucked right now. So why don’t we just get in the car and calm down?” the man tells Karen. “You out here yelling with your titties halfway out.”

“You have everybody twisted,” Karen protests.

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“You smell like Twisted Tea!” the man replies. “Calm down. You out here drunk.” 

Finally, Karen makes one last incoherent utterance and high-fives the man she just finished disparaging. The guys then turn their attention toward ordering food. 

Honestly, the whole exchange is an exemplary display of how to diffuse a raging Karen. Kudos to the guys for keeping their cool. Hopefully Karen got home safely.

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*First Published: Aug 18, 2020, 9:28 am