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‘That’s a Little Caesar’s pizza’: DoorDash customer’s Pizza Hut order came with mismatched slice

‘We were just robbed.’


Braden Bjella


A customer speculated in a viral TikTok that, after ordering from Pizza Hut via DoorDash, they received a pizza with a slice from a different, smaller pizza.

In a video with over 368,000 views, TikToker Sarah-Jay Pierce (@sarahjaypierce) shares the pizza her friend received.

“[They] put in a tinier, smaller pizza into our own pizza,” her friend says, confused.

@sarahjaypierce @pizzahut @doordash you’ve got some splanin’ to do!!!!!! #pizza #doordash #robbery #funny #wth #babypiece #hangry ♬ original sound – Sarah-Jay Pierce

“We were just robbed what would you do?” Pierce asked viewers in the text overlay before addressing the two companies in the caption. “@pizzahut @doordash you’ve got some splanin’ to do!!!!!”

At first, some users had theories as to what exactly viewers were looking at.

“That’s a little Caesar’s pizza,” wrote one user. “Don’t ask how I know.”

“The Door Dasher ate some of your Pizza Hut pizza and then took a Little Caesars and tried to fill it in. They are wrong for that!” added another. Pierce responded saying she had a similar theory.

“Honestly looks like they took a piece and then scooted the pizza together to make it look whole,” speculated another.

Many referenced the debunked Chuck E. Cheese “recycled pizza” conspiracy theory.

However, some users joined in to say that there could be a more innocent explanation.

“Thats from the same pizza, identical cheese bake,” noted a commenter. “This can happen when the intersection point of the cuts is off center & slices shift in the box.” In response, another commenter pointed out that “The dark red blotch on the upper right matches!”

“It actually looks like it just shifted because the ‘smaller’ piece is deeper in if you look at the middle of the whole pizza,” agreed a further user.

Regardless of what actually happened, Pierce explained in comments that she reached out to DoorDash to resolve the issue. DoorDash offered her a refund.

Still, the prospect of someone messing with their food has put some TikTokers off ordering food from apps entirely—or at least insisting that restaurants ensure their orders can’t be tampered with.

“This is why I would never do delivery. I don’t trust anyone,” stated a commenter.

“Pizza places should be taping the box shut,” shared an additional user.

The Daily Dot reached out to Sarah-Jay Pierce via Instagram direct message, DoorDash via email, and Pizza Hut via media contact form.

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