DoorDash employee in car speaking caption 'This door dash customer only Tip 50 cent' (l) hand holding phone with DoorDash on screen in front of tan background (c) DoorDash employee in car taking bite out of burrito (r)

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‘Thank you, DoorDash customer’: DoorDash driver takes bite out of burrito ordered by customer who only tipped 50 cents

'I do this even when they tip good!'


Rachel Kiley


Posted on Jan 10, 2023

A DoorDash driver is drawing negative reactions after filming himself eating a customer’s food and uploading it to TikTok.

Claiming that a customer only tipped 50 cents, user @doordashtips3 shows himself digging around in a red DoorDash bag before pulling out a burrito from Chipotle.

“Yummy, yummy,” he says, taking a bite out of the burrito and laughing. “Thank you, DoorDash customer!”

@doordashtips3 Eating Doordash #doordash #dash #ubereats #grubhub #delivery #tip #tipping #tips #funny #lol #dasher #chipotle #burritos ♬ original sound – Doordash Tips

This particular TikToker frequently posts videos about the gig economy to various platforms and has shared other videos showing him eating the food of customers who allegedly tip poorly. As a result, viewers have frequently theorized this is all for show and he’s eating his own order, pretending that it belonged to a customer both to encourage future customers to tip better and to rack up views on his videos.

In any case, his videos have certainly started a conversation, with people expressing frustration both with customers who don’t tip and with DoorDashers tampering with food.

“I do this even when they tip good!” one user commented.

“It’s why I never use door dash since you never know what the driver will do to your food!” another added.

Several viewers pointed out that they prefer to tip cash, which makes them look like non-tippers to Dashers thanks to the company’s policy of adding a tip in the app before the delivery is even received.

And one user pointed out an unfortunate possible impact of @doordashtips3’s videos garnering attention online: “This might not be real but now he got actual door dash drivers doing it.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to both @doordashtips3 and DoorDash via email.

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*First Published: Jan 10, 2023, 1:27 pm CST