DoorDash driver's back seat of car filled with drinks with caption 'Ain't no way we was missing out this order, car scraping the road and we goin 15 mph' (l) hand holding phone with DoorDash on screen in front of tan blurred background (c) DoorDash driver's phone with $86.09 on screen (r)

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‘Ain’t no way we was missing out on this order’: DoorDash driver picks up $900 grocery order in Nissan Altima

'I can make it fit.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Mar 7, 2023

When it comes to hiring folks to do your grocery shopping, popular apps like Instacart probably come to mind first. However, DoorDash also offers grocery delivery on its platform.

These applications usually determine what payout a driver will receive based on the number of items that they’re picking up, coupled with other factors like the distance that they’re traveling and “heavy pay” for particularly heavy items.

One DoorDash driver, Nasia Eastt (@nasiathemua), took to TikTok to document a massive $900 grocery order that filled the entirety of her Nissan Altima—and the lengths she went to in order to ensure she received a relatively high payout.

@nasiathemua Life of as a DoorDasher😂❤️ #fyp #doordash #doordasher #tips #nasiaeastt #bigorder #nasiaeastt #bjs #dayinthelife #naeandtre ♬ original sound – Nasia Eastt💋

She writes in a text overlay for the video, “Ain’t no way we was missing out on this order, car scraping the road and we goin 15 mph.”

Nasia shows her backseat filled with massive 36-pack boxes of Brisk Iced Tea, 40-pack plastic-wrapped containers of Yoo-Hoo, Capri Suns, packaged candies, and sodas. She says in the clip, “When you’re a DoorDasher and you have to pull a $900 order in your Nissan Altima.”

At the end of the clip, she shows her payout for retrieving the massive order, which totaled $86.09.

DoorDash has been making moves to expand its grocery deliveries. In February of 2023, the application announced a partnership with Aldi, known for its budget-friendly approach to food shopping. The business agreement between the two companies allows folks to get the chain’s “award-winning” products delivered right to them. In fact, DashPass customers can have orders of $35 or more brought to them free of charge.

Viewers of Nasia’s video were shocked at the amount of food that she was able to pack inside of her Altima. As one commenter wrote, “Ik that transmission cryin.”

Other DoorDash drivers said that they, too, have filled their vehicles to the gills so as not to miss out on a high-paying delivery. “Girl this how I be in my lil Hyundai packed from the truck to the steering wheel,” one user said.

DoorDash has often been the subject of criticism from drivers on social media, with many of its gig workers stating that they don’t receive enough money from their deliveries, both through fees on the app or via gratuities from customers.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Nasia and DoorDash via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Mar 7, 2023, 2:31 pm CST