Woman from security footage walking up to package outside neighbors door (l) Woman bending over stealing package caption 'When your parents neighbor from upstairs gets caught red handed stealing their package. She's been stealing packages in the building hence the ring bell camera being installed.' (c) woman on security footage walking away up the stairs with neighbors package in hand (r)


‘She’s been stealing everyone’s packages in the building’: Woman caught on doorbell camera allegedly taking neighbor’s package

‘Protein powder is not worth the trouble she’s in.’


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A woman was captured on a Ring Doorbell camera allegedly taking a package from her neighbor’s doorstep. 

A video posted to TikTok by Cindy Lopez (@cindyloppez_2) on April 16 features the Ring footage in question.

“When your parents neighbor from upstairs gets caught red handed stealing their package. She’s been stealing everyone’s packages in the building hence the ring doorbell camera being installed,” the video is captioned.

Lopez also referred to the woman as a “serial thief” in a hashtag.

The video, which uses the popular “Oh No” TikTok sound, has been viewed nearly 1 million times. In it, a woman bends down and picks up a package on a doorstep. She proceeds to walk away and head up some stairs.

@cindyloppez_2 #badneighbors#serialthief ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Lopez says in a follow-up video that the package was taken from her family’s apartment and that her father confronted the woman.

Lopez says her father was shown the video by a neighbor, and when he went upstairs to confront the woman, she denied taking the package. Lopez says the woman said it was her package that got delivered to the wrong apartment.

Lopez says her sister then called the police and that the neighbor tried to return the package and said there was confusion about the situation.

Lopez says her sister denied the package, and once the police arrived, the officers discovered the package featured the name and address, including apartment number, of Lopez’s sister. Lopez says the woman now has to appear in court. 

“In my opinion, protein powder is not worth the trouble she’s in,” Lopez says. “There were multiple people in this building that were robbed by this lady.” 

@cindyloppez_2 Story time all in one part. #fyp ♬ original sound – Cindy

Commenters shared their own alleged similar experiences.

“My new neighbors stole two packages from me, the landlady was here, she confronted them, they returned them, they got an eviction notice and the cops were called too,” one user wrote.

“I installed one [ring camera] after a package theft. Didn’t catch the thief but I know who it was because of his look when he saw my camera and the thefts stopped,” another said.

According to Parcel Pending, package thefts are pretty common. Between March and July 2020, one in five Americans reported a stolen package. Forty percent of package thefts reportedly occurred in an apartment building or community. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Lopez via TikTok comment. 

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