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Influencer Destiny Marquez faces backlash for berating Forever 21 employee

Marquez has since issued an apology.


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Influencer Destiny Marquez, Daisy Marquez’s sister, is on the receiving end of vitriol after posting a video of herself rudely confronting a Forever 21 employee.

“Y’all really stanning people that treat customer service workers like THIS?” Twitter user @9ssy9 posted, along with a recording of Marquez’s Snapchat video.

In the video, Marquez berates the employee for trying to give her in-store credit rather than her cash back for a purchase–consisting of a pair of shoes and clothing item–that she does not have the receipt for.

“Apparently they don’t give money back ’cause they don’t have a receipt, and they just do in-store credit, which I think is oblivious,” Marquez says in the video. “I just wanted to tell everybody like Forever 21 is trash as fuck. This is why they are going bankrupt.”

At first, Marquez does not show the employee’s face but changes her mind as she gets more upset. Marquez says of the employee, now showing his face, “and now he’s giving me attitude.” And then, she repeatedly asks for his name while recording him, despite him repeatedly asking her not to. He refuses to give her his name on camera.

“Baby, can you go find the store manager, please?” Marquez says to her presumed boyfriend, who is not in the camera’s view.

The employee at the cash register then identifies himself as the manager and threatens to call the store’s headquarters on Marquez and her boyfriend. The couple continues to instigate a fight, but the manager firmly requests they leave.

Many were surprised by Marquez’s “entitled” behavior toward the employee, who was just doing his job and especially confused by her decision to publicize it. Twitter user @9ssy9’s video has been viewed nearly 2 million times.

“She’s just being an entitled bitch. Don’t treat customer service workers like this, especially bc they don’t get paid enough. EVERYONE knows their policy,” Twitter user @destineyyl wrote.

In response to the backlash, Marquez issued an apology for “acting out” in the video and blamed her behavior on naivety.

“I should’ve never treated the retail worker that way because he was just doing his job. It makes me so sad seeing that video because it’s so ugly and I don’t know who that was and I’m so disappointed in myself but this is a learning lesson and this is only going to shape me into a better person,” she wrote.

Marquez also said she will be contacting Forever 21 to get the manager’s information so that she can “verbally apologize.”

Someone even created a poll to ask Twitter users if they believed Marquez’s apology was sincere–and 99% of the 10,973 voters voted “no.”


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