man staring at camera caption ''ur package has arrived and is in the mailbox' never buying on depop again' (l) Depop logo on red background (c) Shipping label with hand over sensitive information caption ''ur package has arrived and is in the mailbox' never buying on depop again' (r)

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‘Never buying on Depop again’: Man says Depop seller sent him a shipping label — with no package

'Post office so wrong for shipping that.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Nov 27, 2022

A man went viral on TikTok after revealing how a Depop seller shipped him a shipping label without his package.

The video was uploaded by user Isaac (@ih8eyesick) as he reveals how he received a shipping label instead of his package to his 19,000 followers. The five-second clip shows Isaac’s disappointed face then shifts over to the shipping label laying on his counter with no package. He vents his frustration in the text overlay, writing, “‘Ur package has arrived and is in the mailbox’ never buying on depop again.'”

He confirms that this was in fact only the shipping label in the caption, writing, “its fr just the shipping label.”

@ih8eyesick its fr just the shipping label 😭 #depop ♬ Dealer by Lana del Rey – elliot

The video amassed 1 million views as of Sunday since it was posted on Nov. 26, leaving viewers in shock as to why the post office would even deliver just a shipping label.

“Post office so wrong for shipping that,” one viewer wrote.

“No why the mail man really saw a shipping label sticker and fr delivered it to ur house,” a second asked.

“The label prob got separated from the package, call ur post office?” a third suggested.

Some even stated that this is an example of why a customer should check the reviews before placing an order.

“The way people say to check review too won’t always do because there are selective scammers too that exist,” one said.

“That’s why you gotta read the reviews,” another echoed.

Others shared their experiences with ordering from Depop, which is an online marketplace where people can buy or resell fashion items.

“This happened to me before but it was just a empty package,” one person shared.

“My last order from depop was shipped in a TRASH bag I’ll never do it again idc lol,” a second commented.

“Someone sent me a $150 jacket in a folded cardboard box with no tape,” a third stated.

Since some people were asking what Isaac had ordered on Depop, he posted a follow-up video sharing how he ordered a Billabong hoodie for $35.99 that was in “like new” condition. Isaac shared in the text overlay, “the fact I had a whole outfit planned with this overpriced sweater for TODAY only for it to never arrive.”

@ih8eyesick Replying to @welcometobangkok @Depop hello #greenscreen ♬ original sound – ༺♡༻

The Daily Dot reached out to Isaac for comment via TikTok comment and Depop via press email.

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*First Published: Nov 27, 2022, 1:48 pm CST