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C Y B E R S C O P E S: Your horoscope for December 2021

Ready to go on an adventure?


Royal Sumikat


Posted on Dec 6, 2021   Updated on Dec 6, 2021, 12:19 pm CST

Ready to go on an adventure? Sagittarius season is here to broaden your mental, spiritual, and physical horizons.

Ascending from the depths of Scorpio season, the fiery archer is ready to meet you outside the gates of the underworld. Travel light because this centaur waits for no one and the itinerary is packed. 

Ruled by Jupiter, the third and final fire sign of the zodiac is associated with expansion, luck, freedom, and exploration. Known as the cosmic archer, Sagittarius is the only sign of the zodiac armed with an external weapon—an arrow pointed toward the heavens, symbolizing the quest for higher knowledge, taking aim or ambition, directness, and hitting the mark. 

In tarot, Sagittarius is associated with the 14th card of the major arcana, Temperance. The card depicts an angel with one foot in a stream and one foot on land as they slowly pour liquid from one golden cup into another in a process called “tempering.” This month challenges us to evolve by “tempering” our ambitions, new explorations, and the unknown with who we are in the present moment. 


Meditate on these questions this month:

1. Where in life do you feel the luckiest?

2. When listing your recent actions, current principles, and future ideas, where do your arrows land?

3. What adventures (big or small) are you embarking on in the near future?

4. What does expansion look like for you?

On Dec. 4, the new moon and solar eclipse join the sun in Sagittarius. Use this energy to ritualize intentions related to removing old baggage and finding new adventures. 

The dark moon in Scorpio on Dec. 3 is the perfect time to declutter, discard, burn, or journal about all the things that have weighed us down this year. Build a fire and burn old love letters, pictures, and memorabilia from people and situations that now leave a bad taste in your mouth. Bonus points if the things you discard can be donated. It’s time to remove all mental, spiritual, and worldly baggage to make room for new adventures. 

These adventures don’t need to commence with a plane ticket (although they definitely could). Find new experiences wherever you are: Pick up a new book, test out a new hobby, or travel to the other side of town to try a new type of cuisine. Imagine that you’re an extraterrestrial who just landed on earth, experiencing it all for the very first time. The cosmic archer invites you to see the world with wonder! 

Please note: These horoscopes, like memes, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, leave what doesn’t.


Scorpio season sent you to the underworld to usher new beginnings here on earth. Transformations related to money, home, and security took place in the forefront. This month, your fellow fire sign Sagittarius encourages you to view those lessons as first steps of a new journey. This eclipse season, examine deeper meanings and patterns in your life and meditate on your connections to the larger collective. As a Mars-ruled sign, you love charging forward and dreaming about the future, but this month, challenge yourself to be present and intentional so the future can be built from your actions in the here and now. 


You spent Scorpio season strengthening your devotion to important relationships, sweet Taurus. This month encourages you to keep transcending individual boundaries and self-imposed limitations. We all yearn for a connection to something greater than ourselves. Sagittarius season, coupled with the eclipse energy, is the perfect time to meditate upon these occult mysteries. Lessons you learned during the dark and watery Scorpio season carry over into this month as the archer’s sun shines brightly in your house of death and regeneration. What do you need to let go of to see the path ahead? 



You cut the crap during Scorpio season, Gemini, and used it to fertilize the things you want to see bloom. This new season illuminates your descendant house, the house associated with partners and relationships. A new relationship or collaborative partnership might start to bloom this month, and Sagittarius season also challenges you to meditate on your connections to society in general. The archer points to social and communal interaction as a natural way of expanding our horizons. This is not a time of the year when you should go it alone.



Sensual Scorpio season allowed you to focus on pleasure and satisfaction last month, but this month challenges you to work toward personal growth in other aspects. This challenge arises from conflicting energies between the free-spirited and adventurous Sagittarius and the sun shining in your house of duty, responsibility, and service. Despite this tension, the cosmic archer is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune. Spend this month focused on your health, personal work, and service to others—the benevolent energies of Jupiter will reward your efforts.



Watery Scorpio season soaked your roots last month, Leo, encouraging you to cultivate a connection with your ancestors. As the sun moves into the arena of self-expression, Sagittarius’ centaur invites you to use your newfound wisdom from last season and apply it toward showcasing your innermost self. You feel right at home as your fiery sibling illuminates and heats up your creative potential. Whether it’s art, dance, culinary, or poetry, inspiration is abundant this month, and personal growth through creativity is inevitable. Find tangible ways to boldly manifest your internal life.


The cosmic Scorpion invited you to play in the shadows last month, observing your communication style and its impact on others. This month, the philosophical Sag illuminates your home, personal, and family life. What does inner peace and security look like for you? Themes surrounding the home are big this holiday season. This could manifest as moving to a new place, mending a relationship with a family member, or decluttering and making space for something new in your home. If you’re experiencing problems or feeling overwhelmed, don’t go through it alone. Seek advice and turn to family, chosen or otherwise, to help lighten the load. 



Last month, Scorpio season initiated transformations in your material realm via possessions, money, and meditations on wealth. This month, the cosmic archer encourages you to seek out experiences that expand your consciousness and perception of the world. The people in your immediate network can drop clues that help broaden your mind and shine a light on dusty old thought patterns and attitudes that no longer serve you; you just need to be ready to listen. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself sharing exactly what’s on your mind or digging deep with your besties into the wee hours of the night.


You’re stepping into this month after a transformative solar return, Scorpio, experiencing rebirth after composting your old self. As you make your way out of the underworld, the first order of business is growing a sphere of resources within the material world. The cosmic archer asks you to meditate on what you consider wealthy or valuable. Is it friendships? Time? Knowledge? Health? Be wary, as Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the god of expansion. While your wealth may expand, so could your desire to spend and consume if you’re not careful. Take stock of what you value most and create tangible goals to cultivate more of it.



Happy solar return, cosmic archer! Scorpio season sent you to the dark caves of your psyche last month to observe triggers, patterns, and uncover what was once hidden. You can now bask in the light as the sun illuminates YOU this month. You’re feeling more secure in your skin and how you’re being perceived by others. Your expansive nature is a strong influence on those who connect with you, encouraging them to learn from new experiences, as well. Spend this season releasing stagnant energies in your life. The less weight you carry, the farther you can travel.



Last month, Scorpio season challenged you to break down barriers between you and the collective. Now Sagitarrius invites you to dive deep into the spiritual dimensions of life. This month, you’ll have an easier time coming face-to-face with your shadow self, with less fear and less resistance than usual. As the sun illuminates your subconscious, meditate on how you can unravel the parts of your life that no longer match your current reality. How could you knit parts that are softer, more vulnerable, and tender? What does letting your guard down look like, and who is your guard up for in the first place?



Scorpio season revolved around work for you, Aquarius. But this month, the cosmic archer invites you to focus on your friendships and dreams for the community. These dreams could play an important role in your life long term. This is not the time to isolate or tackle problems as an individual. If improvements in your life don’t impact others, the changes will not be as meaningful or lasting. If you’re connecting with folks who take energy from you with little reciprocation, shift that effort toward people who are invested in you. 



Scorpio season took you on a transformative journey through the mundane, Pisces. This month, Sagittarius wants to bring attention to your profession, status, and reputation. How are you expanding in these areas? Is it time to ask for a raise or have you outgrown your position? Is a promotion or career change on the horizon? Watch your ego this season. Since Jupiter is the planet of expansion, you could end up overpromising and underdelivering if you’re not self-aware. Sagittarius is the sign of travel, so a work trip may be in the cards for you this month.

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