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C Y B E R S C O P E S: Your horoscope for August 2021

The cosmic lion urges us to let our hair down, turn to the sun, and take center stage.


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Posted on Aug 2, 2021   Updated on Aug 3, 2021, 12:12 pm CDT

Feeling the urge to roar? Leo season is here!

Cancer season gave us a break from the hustle and bustle of the material world and motivated us to rest our bodies and minds while we worked out our emotional muscles. Hopefully you’re feeling rested because the cosmic lion urges us to let our hair down, turn to the sun, and take center stage.

The Leo archetype centers courage and pride. The root word for courage is “cor,” the Latin word for heart (think of the phrase “heart of a lion”). Words for “heart” are commonly used as metaphors for inner strength. Therefore, courage isn’t about lacking fear, but having heart.

The word “pride” comes from the Old English word pryto, which means “unreasonable self-esteem,” “love of display,”  “splendor,” and “personal honor.” Leo, ruled by the star in the middle of our solar system, invites us to take up space and courageously chase after our burning passions. 

This month, meditate on these questions:

  • What do you wish you had the courage to do?
  • What did you once feel unsure about but now take pride in? 
  • What did it take for you to gain the courage to get to this point?


On Aug. 8, the new moon joins the sun in Leo. Use this opportunity to create intentions that will help you gain the courage needed to express your most authentic self. Ritualize this energy by doing something intentional and tangible related to self-expression, bravery, and taking up space. Are you working up the courage to tell someone how you feel? Thinking about writing a proposal? Is there a finished project you’ve been shy to share with your circle? Use the energy of the new moon to gain the courage to be your favorite self.


Another full moon in Aquarius arrives on Aug. 22, bringing an auspicious blue moon. This Aquarian blue moon cycle, which began with the full moon on July 24, can enlighten us to the truths we’ve either ignored or have been unable to see. As the veil lifts from our eyes, we are called to make choices that contribute to the greater good of our communities. What impact are we making in the world, and how are we impacted by the communities and people we’ve immersed ourselves in?


The sun is in your fire sibling’s sign, so it’s time to show up and show out. During Cancer season, you took time to rearrange your home and recharge. Now it’s time to put those charged batteries to good use. Indulge in some light-hearted fun and flirting. Flirting doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be with a person. Flirt with a new idea, a project, or, yes, that person you swiped right on. Focus on enjoying yourself this month, without being so invested in the finished product or a serious outcome. You’re here for the experience.


You’re not opposed to Leo season’s theatrics, Taurus, though your version might look more like the dressing room of a diva getting ready to perform in front of thousands of people. You know, 10 different flavors of mineral water, a fancy table spread fit for royalty, a luxurious bathrobe to soften life’s edges, and supportive friends who hype you up. Indulge in all the things that give you comfort, sweet bull, because your center stage this month is home. Use that Taurus touch to revamp the old set and welcome in the season of the lion.



After letting go of a few things that no longer serve you last month, you should be feeling a little lighter and ready to grab the mic. Speak your truth! As you take the stage to preach your newfound gospel, don’t forget to grab a bottle of water; you’ll need it to stay hydrated through all the socializing you’ll be doing this season. The deep realizations you had during Cancer season are ready to be shared with others. The new moon in Leo helps provide the courage to express yourself authentically.


As the sun moves out of your season, the lessons you learned last month are extremely valuable! Cancer season pushed you, little crab, to move out of your older, smaller shell and step into a new one. This month looks more like a busy dress rehearsal, studying your lines with the other actors in the play of life. The more you practice the traits you want to manifest, the stronger your sense of self worth becomes. The new moon on Aug. 8 invites you to take inventory of the tangible acts you’re practicing so you can take up space in your bigger shell.


It’s your time to shine, sweet lion! Hopefully you charged your batteries during Cancer season because you’re in the spotlight ALL month long. Use your courage to do whatever feels right this month. Do you want to change up your hairdo? Make a massive career shift? Confess your love to a longtime crush? The sun sits high in the sky, shining its auspicious light on you, so don’t be afraid to express yourself authentically. Bonus points if you take a few selfies during these favorable moments.



It’s been a non-stop summer for you, Virgo, and Leo season is no different. This month, your ideas come to fruition in the form of projects, connections strengthen through mutual understanding and interest, and synapses fire as more ideas come in from the ether. All this action easily becomes overwhelmed when self-care is placed on the back burner. Make time for grounding rituals, meditation, and evening routines that transition you from work mode to rest mode. Similarly, having a morning routine that transitions you from waking to work mode is highly beneficial for Virgo’s deeply rooted archetype.


Last month was all work, but this August, the lion outside your den is urging you to come out and play. Leo season is here, so it’s time to pull your head out of those books, and let fun and socializing take center stage—you deserve it. Your friends and cohorts are hitting you up non-stop. If only there were 48 hours in a day! Important community connections may occur in unexpected places, like the mixer you host or the pool party you attend, so make time for fun this month.


The past few cosmic seasons revolved around the themes of deepening relationships and increasing discipline. All of this has been building up to this season, Scorpio. Right now, center stage is in the middle of your career and work life. The developments and relationships you made in the past few months at work are turning into new opportunities that require the courage and confidence of the lion to execute and get you closer to your goals. The new moon in Leo is an auspicious time to create confidence boosting rituals, plan a solid schedule, or create a routine that can aid in the success of your work endeavors.


Anytime the sun shines a light on a fellow fire sign, dear archer, you join in on the festivities. Cancer season invited you to slow down and nurture your emotional landscape; Leo season beckons you to stand in the spotlight. Taking center stage this month looks like transitioning yourself out of rest mode and into journey mode. You might immediately think it’s time to pack your bags and quench your wanderlust, but this could mean a mental, spiritual, or relationship journey. The new moon in Leo will be an auspicious time to embark on these paths. Cheers to new discoveries!



Intimate cancer season encouraged you to cultivate and strengthen your relationships with those in your inner circle. Now Leo season is shining a bright spotlight on these themes and amplifying them. For Capricorns, taking center stage this month looks like a small platform in a secret venue with your closest friends to support and witness. In front of this intimate audience, feel free to shed layers of your old self and step closer into a more authentic version of you. Ritualize the new moon by creating a list of things you want to shed from your life and planning tangible actions on how to support the transformation.


Last month, Cancer season encouraged you to put your needs first. The lessons you learned about prioritizing yourself could be very useful this month. During Leo season, the sun shines opposite of yours on the astrological wheel, cosmic water bearer. The spotlight is on romance and deep friendships. Harnessing your inner lion could manifest in a romantic scene where you profess your love to a partner or express your appreciation for the friend(s) who you feel a deep connection with. The auspicious new moon in Leo supports this.


You let your hair down last month, Pisces, but now it’s time to bring some balance back into your life. As the sun travels through Leo, health and wellness take center stage. This season encourages healthier habits that support balance in your eating, sleeping, and physical activities. All that partying during Cancer season highlighted what parts of yourself take the longest to recover, providing a good framework for what to focus on. Ritualize the new moon by starting a wellness routine. Since Leo is a social sign, try inviting a friend to pick up a few healthy habits with you.

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