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Female streamer is told to ‘shut your f*cking mouth’ in vile sexist attack

The men told her to make them a sandwich and mop their floor.


Josh Katzowitz


In case you needed a reminder that female gamers still face sexism and racism on a regular basis, Overwatch player Cupcake showed just how vile some male players can be.

While playing on Tuesday, Cupcake—whose real name is Chassidy Kaye—asked her fellow players, “Am I the only one shooting this shield, right now?” That’s when she was inundated with misogynistic comments from the males with whom she was gaming.

“Shut your fucking mouth,” one person replied.

Another said, “I’m sorry, I’m the only one who’s gonna say this, can you get on Mercy?” referring to a female hero from the game who heals the wounded.

“Whoa, what the actual fuck,” Cupcake replied. “Not an actual haha situation.”

Later she asked, “So, just out of curiosity, is this how you guys treat every girl that comes into your comp games?”

“Shut the fuck up and go make us sandwiches,” one male replied.

Commanded another, “Hey, go mop our floors.”

Then, somebody dropped the N-word, while another commented on the “lower IQ” of women.

Cupcake—who has about 5,500 followers on Twitch—documented it all for Twitter, writing, “In case anyone has forgotten what [it’s] like to be a female who plays overwatch.”

She also exposed the user names of those men she was competing with, writing on Twitter, “while id like to think it was just one or two people on my team reinforcing this kind of awful sexist behavior, it happened to be every single person on my team. dont be these people.”

Unfortunately for Cupcake, the abuse has continued online since then. In the past few days, she’s documented the sexist comments she’s received on her Discord chat and shown how people are upset that she reported the abuse in the first place.

But it sounds like, despite the vile comments thrown her way in the past few days, she’d react the same way if given another chance.

“Honestly not at all sorry for standing up for myself in every single reply and taking no shit,” she wrote on Twitter. “I’m never letting another man, or anyone frankly, walk all over me anymore.”


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