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‘He just wants someone to join him for the ride’: Man shares cringey Hinge video about his ideal partner

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A woman recorded herself getting the ick from a man’s “cringey” video on his Hinge profile, in which he discusses the traits he’s looking for in a partner.

TikTok user @thecomedicrelief posted the viral video, which shows a man named Nayith using Hinge’s video prompt feature. Hinge allows users to upload a 30-second video to their profile, using one of 13 different prompts.

@thecomedicrelief He just wants someone to join him for the ride #fyp #foryoupage #foryou ♬ original sound – Comedy

Nayith’s video was of him responding to the prompt, “Something that’s special to me.” But the woman viewing his profile found it especially cringe-worthy instead. 

In the video, Nayith professes that he’s too competitive at times. “Ultimately, I’m just looking for someone to join me along for the ride ‘cause I’m on the mission to become one of the greatest content creators of all time,” he says.

He goes on to share some of his goals. “To compete and become one of the greatest fitness competitors of all time when it comes to body building.”

He reiterated, “I’m just looking for someone to join me along for the ride and ultimately, share some cute, wild memories with.”

The video ends with a woman laughing as she closes his profile. “Bro needa get off hinge,” the text overlay read with a skull emoji.

By Tuesday, the video reached over 903,800 views.

In the comments, many people predicted that the man would have a hard time finding his ride-or-die.

“I’m a dude and I got that ick thing,” a user wrote. “It’s the soft chuckles and the sleepy eyes for me,” another cringed.

Many poked fun at him repeating his need to find someone to “join him for the ride.”

“I never heard someone say something twice but feel like he said it a thousand times,” this user commented. “What a ride.”

The man’s profile video is one of many dating profiles and stories that have gone viral for all the wrong reasons. One woman recorded a TikTok video of herself “on the worst date” of her life with a “finance bro.” 

In the video, she looked bored as she drank wine and listened to her date drone on about financial advice.

Recently, another TikToker shared an experience in which her Hinge date crocheted with headphones on for the entirety of the date.

As for Nayith, many commenters wished him good luck with his endeavor to find the one.

“I wonder if he found anyone to join him along for the ride,” one wrote.

The Daily Dot contacted @thecomedicrelief via TikTok comment. 

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