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‘I’m so done’: Man tells woman that he’s ‘watching her grow up’ on Hinge

She’s rethinking her dating strategy.


Sarah Kester


A woman’s dating profile has come back to haunt her.

Twitter user @meghantheevalium says that a man on Hinge sent her a strange message that says he’s been “watching her grow up” on the app. 

In other words, he believes that she’s been on Hinge for far too long. The bizarre encounter has left her rethinking her dating strategy. 

“Should I just kill myself,” she sarcastically captioned her post, which shows a screenshot from their chat. 

The stranger commented, “I am literally watching you grow up on this app,” with a facepalm emoji on one of her pictures.

There have been lots of stories of creeps on dating apps, like this story of a man who contacted a woman on Facebook after seeing her on Bumble. But this one is particularly creepy since the man made it clear that he’s been keeping tabs of her profile for some time.

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but slim pickings on dating apps can make it feel like there’s a small pool of potential partners rather than an entire ocean. 

On Tinder, for example, users have reported seeing the same profiles in a matter of days. This can happen for a couple of reasons, such as a user making drastic changes to their profile, a user deleting and then re-activating their profile, and a faulty algorithm. 

In the replies to Meghan’s post, many were shocked that the man had the nerve to message her the way he did.  

“Oh my god,” a user replied. “i’m so done,” wrote another. 

“This is insane,” tweeted a third. 

Some viewed the man’s message as a pickup line and wrote that they would’ve fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. 

“Ngl this line would convince me he was my soul mate but maybe i’m just insane,” they wrote. 

“He’s the one,” wrote another, while someone else tweeted, “Does this reply work ?”

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