Woman holding text messages to screen with man who is engaged and he wants to cheat on his fiancé with her (l) Woman holding other messages caption 'i will never 'hey girl...' another woman again, even if she begs for it' (c) Up close screenshots of her messages with the man 's mom (r)

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‘I’m going to beat the f*ck out of you’: TikToker exposes friend for trying to cheat on his fiancée—then his mom sent her threats

'Stop texting me, stop harassing me, and speak to your son.'


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Posted on Mar 27, 2022   Updated on Apr 11, 2022, 1:59 pm CDT

A woman on TikTok says she exposed her male friend for trying to cheat on his fiancée, which led to his mother sending her threatening text messages.

The woman, known as Carlie (@suuhduudes) on TikTok, said she will never “hey girl…” again, even if a woman asks for it. “Hey girl…” refers to when a woman messages another woman, notifying her that her male partner is cheating, generally either with or around them. Usually the message starts with “Hey girl.”

In a now viral video, Carlie shared a screenshot of the messages from the man’s mother. As of Sunday, the TikTok video received about 137,000 views.


this was literally the dudes MOM lolol #crazy #parents #cheater

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“I don’t know what you just sent [my son’s fiancée] you stupid bitch but if this just ruined them, I’ll personally beat your fucking eyes shut,” the mother wrote. The screenshot included five other messages, which were full of insults and threats, including “I’m going to beat the fuck out of you” and “I hope you rot in hell.”

Viewers couldn’t believe that such intense messages came from the man’s mother.

“That is actually insane,” one viewer commented on the video.

“His MOMMMMM,” another viewer wrote.

In a second TikTok video, Carlie elaborated on how she caught the man cheating in the first place. She explained that the man, who was her friend at the time, asked if they could hang out because he was feeling “down in the dumps” due to relationship issues.

Carlie didn’t see an issue with the request since he was her friend, and some of her other girl friends would be there, too. After they hung out, he texted her asking if they could hang out again the next day.

When Carlie said yes, the man said, “Honestly I’m trying to re-arrange your guts Carlie.. I’ve been thinking about it hard for the last 7 months. I’m sure you ain’t down for all that though.”

Carlie replied, “idk if that’s a good idea” and told him he was engaged with a ring on his finger. The man admitted that he was “technically engaged” but told Carlie he took his ring off. Plus, his and Carlie’s “energies match,” he said. At that point, Carlie stopped replying to him.

Later, the man’s fiancée allegedly DM’ed Carlie on Instagram asking “all kinds of questions,” Carlie said in the video. Carlie assured the fiancée that they had nothing to worry about, and Carlie didn’t want their man.

“Honestly I was somewhat trying to be a homie because the guy was kind of my friend,” Carlie said in the video.

A few months later, Carlie posted a TikTok video saying, “This is just a reminder that there’s a couple out there arguing every time your name gets brought up.” Apparently, the man’s mother saw the TikTok and “decided to go off on” Carlie, the TikToker said.

The mother accused Carlie of making the TikTok video about her son and his fiancée, but Carlie denied the claim. Eventually, the mother, the fiancée, and their sisters allegedly blew up Carlie’s phone calling her a “homewrecker” and other names.

“So finally, I’m like ‘OK, I’m going to give you what you want then, I’m just going to send you the messages that I received from your fiancé because it wasn’t me it was him,'” Carlie said in the video.

The TikToker said the man’s fiancée was appreciative and thankful for the screenshots and apologized for the harassment.

In a third TikTok video, Carlie shared that she also sent the screenshots to the man’s mother, saying, “Stop texting me, stop harassing me, and speak to your son.” The evidence prompted a slew of additional threats and insults from the man’s mother.


Reply to @suuhduudes a literal MOTHER sent me these text messages #crazy #mom #psycho #cheater

♬ original sound – c

“I hope you are never able to have kids. You don’t deserve to get to be a parent much less a wife,” the mother wrote in one of the text messages.

Carlie said she never responded to the mother after sending the screenshots, but she said someone did call her job and try to get her in trouble.

Replying to a comment on her video, Carlie revealed that the man and his fiancée are still engaged despite the debacle.

Several viewers said the man’s mother was “crazy” and “needs help.”

“Wow his mom is crazy she’s the one that needs help it’s her son business not hers,” one viewer commented on the video.

Another viewer said, “She had the audacity to say that YOU need help when clearly she’s the one that needs help.”

“Wow as Pete Davidson would say …. No shame in the medication game please mom take the meds,” another viewer commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and email.

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