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These BTS sheet masks will give you that dream glow

If anything can get us to buy a sheet mask, it's BTS.


Colette Bennett


Posted on Aug 15, 2019   Updated on Mar 17, 2022, 5:50 am CDT

Even since that broadcast in 2017 when BTS members J-Hope and SUGA appeared wearing sheet masks, fans have wondered how the Korean group takes care of their skin. After all, it’s drop-dead gorgeous: dewy, clear, and making them all look like they drink gallons of water a day (although after those dance routines, they probably do).

It wasn’t long before BTS had partnered with the very same skincare brand that made the masks they wore that day. Mediheal’s first collab with the boys sits high on our very own list of the best sheet masks thanks to their quality and performance. And today Mediheal debuts a brand new addition to their collab series with BTS: The Bio Capsulin Love Me mask set, which comes with three essence-soaked bio-cellulose sheet masks cutely packaged in colorful hearts.

I got a chance to try out all three masks, and just like the prior set, these do not disappoint. While the first collab’s masks are ideal for every season, the Bio Capsulin mask fabric is denser because of the bio-cellulose material they are made with—meaning they’d pack an especially powerful punch in the fall and winter months! They can be worn anytime, but you’ll want to have some of these handy when October rolls around.

Just like the prior mask series, each mask in the set addresses different skin concerns. Each mask contains “Pink Oil Capsules” with Jojoba oil, which helps skin stay moisturized and cuts down on sebum production. Mediheal also tells us that this is one of Jungkook’s favorite ingredients (not a shock, since he’s known for his love of scents).

The moisturizing mask does what its name implies, while the brightening mask will make your complexion look more even and the soothing mask is ideal for breakouts and irritated skin. While the instructions advise that the mask be worn for 10-15 minutes, I found that I was able to wear it for over an hour and it still had moisture in it when I peeled it off. I also noticed the essence took a while to fully absorb after removal, another hint to me that this mask is going to be incredible during colder months when your skin is dry.

The only downfall of these masks in comparison to the first series is that they do not come with a photocard pack-in. 

These mask sets are available for only $19.50, so if you want to get your dream glow on, pick these up and get to maskin’.

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*First Published: Aug 15, 2019, 2:00 pm CDT