Michigan boy adoption kindergarten

Kent County, Michigan/Facebook

Boy invites kindergarten class to his adoption–and people are emotional

Twitter users need a tissue.


Sierra Juarez


Twitter users are loving a now-viral video of a boy who invited his kindergarten class to watch his adoption.

The Michigan boy’s adoption hearing took place on the Kent County’s annual Adoption Day, Dec. 5. In a picture posted to Facebook by the courthouse, the boy is with his foster parents as his class looks on with handmade, paper hearts in their hands.


The images and story went viral on social media. The videos show the kindergarteners supporting their classmate and the boy saying, “I love my daddy” about his new, court-certified father. Twitter users got emotional watching the videos.

“This young man wanted to make his adoption day even more special, so he invited his entire kindergarten class. This is the Twitter content I’m here for,” former NBA star Rex Chapman tweeted.


Politicians, like former President Bill Clinton, also shared their thoughts about the boy’s adoption.

“Congratulations to you and your family, Michael,” Clinton tweeted. “This is a beautiful story. Our country could use more of it.”


The video even prompted some Twitter users to share their own adoption stories.

“This is so beautiful and as an adoptee, I love this,” Conservative activist Wayne Dupree tweeted.


Social media users weren’t the only people affected by the wholesome story. The county’s official Facebook page said 36 other families officially welcomed their new children on its annual Adoption Day and that there wasn’t “a dry eye” in the courtroom.



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