man in beverly hills shouts racial slurs and threats of violence at protesters


Video shows ‘Beverly Hills Karen’ shouting racist slurs at Trump rally

'Three tours in Vietnam, I'll kill you where you stand.'

Oct 5, 2020, 11:45 am*

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Kahron Spearman

A video making the rounds on Reddit shows yet another racist, pro-Trump, male “Karen” spouting the N-word at counter-protesters during a Trump rally.

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The confrontation between "Beverly Hills Karen" and counter-protesters took place in Beverly Gardens Park. Beverly Hills Karen was in no imminent danger, given the heavy police presence and distance between him and the counter-protesters. So it was a perfect time to puff up his feathers.

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Armed with a full clip of empty threats, Beverly Hills Karen told the protesters, "Fuck you in your ass! Bring it on, motherfucker! Three tours in Vietnam, I'll kill you where you stand."

As he walked away, he unleashed the zinger, pointing to someone in the crowd and yelling, "Fucking n****r!"

Trump supporters have staged rallies in Beverly Gardens Park for weeks. An August rally grew especially contentious, as fights broke out in the evening. According to the Los Angeles Times, two men were arrested on suspicion of battery at another Beverly Hills Trump rally on Oct. 3.

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The interesting thing about the Beverly Hills Karen video, though, is the videographer. Once you get over the relative shock of the racist slur, you get back to the threats. The videographer calls out that Beverly Hills Karen's words were, in fact, threats.

The man filming Beverly Hills Karen was either a counter-protester who was able to get where the others could not, or he was participating in the rally itself. He could have been inside the barricade along with Beverly Hills Karen. This means the videographer could be an anti-Trumper who posed as a Trump supporter to infiltrate the rally and catch racists doing what racists do.

Hilariously, in the same location, pro-Trumpers also danced joyously (and weirdly) to an awful rip-off of the Village People's "YMCA," reinterpreted as "MAGA."

Redditor u/BlueVeins commented, "Every election cycle someone tries to make an anthem for their candidate, and every one I've ever seen has been absolute irredeemable trash."

Another Redditor, u/paintense, commented on the lack of mask use: "They're just COVID parades at this point, honestly."

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*First Published: Oct 5, 2020, 8:23 am