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2 beach Karens confront man after they’re caught stealing a canopy in resurfaced video

The Florida women have been re-branded in the age of Karens.


Edward Medeles


Posted on Jan 13, 2021

A viral 2014 video has resurfaced after being posted to the r/FuckYouKaren subreddit where two women try to use someone else’s canopy at a beach and then attack the owner after he catches them on camera.

In the video, a man approaches two women at a beach in Florida struggling to put together a beach canopy.

 “Is that yours?” the man asks. 

“Yeah, but we don’t know how to do it,” one of the women replies. 

After that, he tells them that the canopy is actually his along with the chairs they tried claiming as their own. And the toys which belong to his kids. 

The two older Karens stand there for a second in disbelief. 

“It’s OK,” the man says. “We’ll let it slide, but I’m glad I made it in time.”

This seemed to agitate them because, with her hands on her hips, one of the Karens begins to demand that he turn his “goddamn” camera off. The man refuses. 

“Step away from my shit, how about that?” the man says. 

After that, the woman begins to aggressively approach the man while telling him to step back, trying to swipe the camera away. The video ends with the woman reaching toward the man again.  

“Uhhh caught in the act… Let’s pretend to be a victim,” commented therealcoppernail on Reddit. 

Another user pointed out that this video is actually not recent and dates back to around 2014. It turns out, the video went viral back then prompting many news reports about the incident. 

According to a report by the Daytona Beach News-Journal, the two women Kathleen Duffy and Linda Duffy Kelley filed a federal defamation lawsuit against Fox News Network for its broadcast of the video. 

In 2021, they’ve resurfaced online as “Karens.”

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*First Published: Jan 13, 2021, 1:13 pm CST