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This assisted living facility went on lockdown, but that hasn’t stopped family members from visiting

One woman visited with her grandfather through the window to announce that she was engaged.


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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, not only are schools and businesses on lockdown to avoid viral spread, so are assisted living facilities.

For Premier Living and Rehab Center in North Carolina, this coronavirus lockdown isn’t a total barrier for family contact. Restricted visitation means that family members still have a window into the lives of their loved ones.

“My assisted living is on lockdown so he comes every day to see his dad and they talk through the phone, sweetest thing ever,” nursing assistant Sandy Hamilton shared in a post on Facebook.

The facility gave family members the opportunity to visit with residents through the windows of their rooms.

“Even though visitation is restricted at this time, staff suggested an alternative,” the assisted living center wrote about the coronavirus lockdown in a post to their Facebook page. “Here, a resident’s granddaughter tells her grandfather that she’s engaged! Emotional and memorable, for sure!! Thank you for allowing us to capture this special moment!!”

Family members of residents commented on the posts saying they appreciated that the assisted living facility arranges the window meetings so that loved ones aren’t alone during the coronavirus outbreak.

“I window hung with my mom today,” wrote Sue Busa in the comment section. “Made her feel less alone and forgotten. She was blowing me kisses asking if I caught them!”

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