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‘He got his valid explanation and left’: ‘Angry Ken’ yells at TikToker and leaves after learning her car died, sparking debate

‘Everyone else went around me except this guy.’


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A nine-second TikTok showing a quick interaction between drivers after a young woman’s car broke down at a stoplight has garnered 4.2 million views on the platform, where commenters debated the way the situation was handled.

“This guy’s pissed as hell at me,” the girl in the video says as she is approached by another driver.

As he approaches her car, he yells, “This is not a turn lane.”

“My car’s off, buddy,” she responds, and he thanks her before returning to his vehicle.

The poster, Bella (@bellamouzakis), wrote in her own comment section that the man had sat behind her honking for a “straight minute” before approaching her car. In the caption of her video, Bella appeared to call the man an “angry Ken.”


angry ken got mad because the rat died on me in the middle of the road

♬ original sound – bella love

“So my car broke down right when I got to the light and luckily it went red, so I immediately put my flashers on,” she wrote. “Everyone else went around me except this guy and he pulled up so close to me he couldn’t go around, and he honked at me for a straight minute then got out.”

Some commenters praised the man’s reaction in the video, and it is unclear if they saw any of the poster’s comments about his behavior before she began filming.

“He made his complaint, received and explanation, accepted it, thanked the driver and left quietly,” one commenter wrote. “Doesn’t get any better.”

“Why can’t everyone be this simple?” another commenter wrote. “He got his valid explanation and left, didn’t have to make up an argument over something out of their control.”

Others suggested the man’s behavior, including the alleged honking, wasn’t appropriate or praiseworthy.

“Well her hazards were on and he watched everyone pass, then honked for a minute straight instead of passing,” one commenter wrote. “I wouldn’t say he was that simple.”

“How about don’t have respect for someone who gets out of their car to yell at someone whose engine died,” another commenter wrote. “He got out of his car to yell at her initially y’all see that it’s a man and make every excuse in the world for him.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @bellamouzakis via Instagram DM.

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