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Fan creeps onstage, tries to ‘surprise’ Alvvays singer with kiss

Don’t do this.


Audra Schroeder


A concert from the Canadian dream-pop band Alvvays was interrupted when a fan attempted to kiss singer Molly Rankin.

During a stop in Antwerp, Belgium, over the weekend, the band—touring behind second album Antisocialites—was disrupted after a fan crept onstage and tried to kiss singer and guitarist Molly Rankin. It happened during the song “Party Police,” and Rankin’s response says it all. The fan, in contrast, seems baffled that a total stranger lunging at a woman might be scary. It happens around the 3:35 mark.–I

This may seem like it’s just a case of bad judgement, but it’s really part of a larger problem in indie music (and beyond) where consent and boundaries are often ignored, and women—onstage and off—are made to feel unsafe. Two weeks ago, in a Reddit AMA, Rankin was asked about her best and worst fan experiences. She replied: “grabby men sort of ruin it for everyone that’s a rare occurrence tho!”

The venue director posted about the incident on Tuesday, stating: “It is incredible and saddening that we should still spell this out in 2017, but here goes: it is in no way, shape or form acceptable to harass women on or off stage.”

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