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Simplify your travel beauty bag with Alleyoop’s clever products

Your compact makeup and travel kits just don't stand a chance.


Marisa Losciale


Posted on Nov 6, 2019   Updated on Mar 31, 2020, 4:18 pm CDT

Whether it’s a two-hour road trip or an 11-hour flight, finding and packing compact makeup and body care products is nothing less than a hassle. Or it was one, before Alleyoop entered our lives, anyway. 

What is Alleyoop? And what makes these products different from other compact makeup?

Remember that multi-colored pen you entertained yourself with in elementary school, clicking buttons so you could write in different colors? Well, let’s just say you might find yourself getting a bit nostalgic while learning about this brand’s products. These geniuses repurposed that same pen’s design and filled it with makeup. Now, that’s just one of Alleyoop’s products (and for those of you wondering, they coined it Pen Pal–as if you needed another reason to obsess over it).

The company also makes makeup brushes that stack into each other, makeup remover filled q-tips, body wipes for when you need a shower but are stuck in transit, all-natural hair-inhibiting deodorant, a three-in-one travel shave kit that you can use without water, compact lip color kits, and many other revolutionary travel items.

Alleyoop is a compact makeup and body care company that knows you love to travel as much as you love a good Look™️–and who’s got the time (let alone luggage space) to pack up their entire medicine cabinet? Not me! So when Alleyoop offered to send me a sample of compact makeup and body products, how could I say no? And woo baby, am I glad I took them up on the offer. Because not only are all of Alleyoop’s products vegan and cruelty-free, but they’re also free from harsh, irritating chemicals like Phlatates, aluminum, parabens, and latex. They even come in a variety of scents and shades so there’s something for everyone’s liking.

Sounds cool, but is Alleyoop worth ditching your token travel makeup products?

Short answer: HELL YEAH!!!!!!

Long answer: HELL YEAH!!!!!!!! Aside from the super cool and space-saving ergonomic design, Alleyoop products actually work. For the record, I’m no makeup artist but I am a makeup enthusiast and my travel makeup kit usually ends up being hella unorganized and heavy, which drives my anxiety up a wall. Did I pack all the brushes I need? Did I forget anything at the last hotel? Am I absolutely SURE I didn’t forget anything? 

With Alleyoop all I need to do is grab the Multitasker ($24, four-in-one brush kit), the Pen Pal ($25, four-in-one makeup essential kit that includes a highlighter, lip pencil, brow pencil, and eyeliner), All-in-One Razor ($15, includes a moisturizing bar, refillable water spritzer, and two razors) and I’m pretty much set. It simplifies a lot of the needs you’ll have during travel and saves you room in your suitcase.

My only concern is what happens when the products run out. While some pieces are replaceable (like the razor blades and moisturizing bar in the razor kit and spongey brush in the Multitasker) when Pen Pal runs out, you have to replace the whole thing. Which for $25 isn’t such a bad deal–after all, you are getting four different products in it–all of which are full-size times two. Meaning there’s not one full-sized eyeliner in there, but two! So even as someone who travels regularly, it’ll be a while before any of my Alleyoop products need replacing. And hopefully, by then the company will figure out an eco-friendly way for users to replace the “ink” (makeup) cartridges without having to replace the entire applicator.



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*First Published: Nov 6, 2019, 12:43 pm CST