7th grader writes letter about how scared she is of Donald Trump

7th grader trump letter

Photo via Jon Gold/Twitter


Much has been written about how to explain Donald Trump’s presidency to children, because frankly, they’re not happy about it. There have been posts of children crying, scared, and wondering what will become of them and their families. 

So one Latinx 7th grader wrote a letter detailing how she feels unsafe at the prospect of a Trump presidency.

Teacher Jon Gold posted the letter and told Fusion it was part of an exercise in his class. “The questions were ‘How are you feeling this morning?’ and ‘What do you want/need to know?’” he said. “I’m extremely scared especially being a woman of color that the president of the country that I was born and live in, is making me feel unsafe when I usually don’t feel unsafe,” wrote his student, Karina.

Unfortunately, Trump has been making kids uncomfortable long before he was elected president.

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