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BarkBath completely cleans your dog without any mess

OK, that’s genius.


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No matter how trained or well-behaved your dog is, bathtime is, without a doubt, one of the worst parts of owning a pet.

Perhaps you’ve let your pooch outside to use the bathroom before heading out, only to be greeted by a four-legged blob of mud five minutes later. Maybe you’ve debated going to the hospital for stitches after attempting to lower your giant fur baby into the bathtub. Or your dog has no problem with baths, but you’re sick of wasting time and money on grooming.

Bissell has long been a top solution for pet accidents and spills. Now, the company is introducing a portable dog bath that removes the dirt from your pet before it hits the carpet.

barkbath portable dog groomer


BarkBath is like a vacuum cleaner, but specifically designed to clean your pet—no bathtubs or garden hoses required. A special nozzle attached to the portable cleaning unit dispenses water and shampoo, and a soft suction gently washes your pet from the skin up. Dirty water is captured in a separate tank, so you can see how clean your dog is (or how dirty they were).

Big dogs are no match for this small appliance. You can wash 80-pound breeds and larger with less than six cups of water. To accommodate short- and long-haired dogs, the nozzle was designed with a screen that prevents any clogging.

barkbath dog cleaner

If your dog hates baths, there’s a good chance the vacuum cleaner isn’t any less terrifying. Bissell’s taken that into consideration. The unit comes with a mat that muffles the sound, and a 13-foot hose so you can clean dogs far away from the “scary, loud box.” You even get a training video in case you’re interested in helping your dog overcome anxiousness.

Bissell first introduced BarkBath in March on Indiegogo, where it was fully funded in less than 72 hours. By the end of its campaign, BarkBath had met its goal by 476 percent. Pet ownership in general is well overdue for more tech innovation, and BarkBath be top dog in the grooming department.

BarkBath will be available starting May 1. You can pre-order BarkBath for $149.99 on Amazon. If you already own one of Bissell’s portable deep cleaning machines, you only need the BarkBath nozzle, which you can pre-order separately for $69.99.

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