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Zuckerberg dresses his dog up as a Star Wars villain, officially reaching peak dad on Facebook

Everyone grows up eventually.


Selena Larson


Like all new moms and dads, as soon as his new baby arrived, Zuckerberg turned to Facebook, and his photos, updates, and cute-but-cheesy posts are proof that even the social network’s CEO can’t avoid becoming a classic “Facebook Dad.” 

He and wife Priscilla Chan welcomed Max into the world with an essay that promised a better life for future generations and described steps Facebook is taking to get there. He posted a photo of Max on the changing table, with Zuck grinning like the happy new dad he is. 

Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook

Zuckerberg then dadded-it-up by sharing a photo of jedi Max, celebrating, like 53 million other Facebook users, the debut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook

On Friday, Zuckerberg went full-dad. He dressed up his magnificent dog Beast in jedi gear, proclaiming to the world that his dog belongs on the dark side.

Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook

The Facebook CEO and new dad clearly has a lot of time on his hands, Facebooking his way through two months of parental leave after the birth of his daughter.  

Zuckerdad has officially turned into that One Facebook Friend that you just can’t avoid. You know, the friend who’s the reason why you need the Chrome extension, the friend whose Instagram photos of the same baby and dog you keep liking because you feel obligated, but really, they all look the same. The friend on Facebook everyone has and is annoyed by, except other parents and couples and people who aren’t me. 

His parental leave from Facebook is just beginning, but Zuckerberg is turning to Facebook to document his life, and showing the world how excited he is about his baby and his dog. Zuckerberg is literally all your friends on Facebook. 

Photo via Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook

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